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The Value of Sword and Legends Editions

One of the reasons players might sell a Sword and Legends Editions account is because a lot of players will want to get a special edition without buying from the publisher. Some players want them because of the bonuses that come along with them. They cannot be traded to other players via in-game means, so sellers will have an opportunity to sell accounts with these special editions.

While players can choose to buy from the publisher, there are two reasons why they’d rather buy from other players instead. First would be the cheaper price. While there is no point selling a special edition account to other players at release date because there will not be much of a price difference, selling it at a later date, especially if the bundles will eventually be phased out, will bump up its price.

There are two special editions for the game: Deluxe and Collector’s Edition. The former comes with the golen weapon skin and the golden costume, while the latter has both of those things plus the Assassin costume, the Fiery Wings flying mount, and the Fancy Housing bundle. It should come as no surprise if those that sell an account on the Deluxe Edition can put higher prices compared to others.

How Much Can You Sell Your Swords of Legends Account for?

Sellers have the freedom to put any price on their Swords of Legends Account. It is, however, recommended that the keep the price close to the account’s value, which is in turn determined by the following factors:

  • Level of characters in the account
  • Total value of both PVE and PVP gear
  • Total amount of gold
  • Total amount of Crimson Coin and Cash Shop items
  • Edition bundle the account is linked to

The higher or better they are, the easier it is to sell the account at a higher price.

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