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Why Gamers Sell a Summoner’s War: Lost Centuria Account

The biggest reason why a gamer might be able to sell their Summoner’s War: Lost Centuria account is because a lot of gamers want to get involved with the game. Not only that, but many of these gamers looking for someone selling an account want to get a competitive account complete with powerful and viable 5-star monsters and legendary runes. This is to give them an advantage over their rivals as competition is a major factor, and always has been, since the early days of the original Summoner’s War.

Another reason gamers want accounts for Summoner’s War is the fact that it’s gacha-based. While there is no telling what a player will be receiving from each roll, some gamers end up spending too much time rolling and rerolling in order to try and get a character that they want. Some of these gamers eventually look for online sellers with an account that has their favorite or required characters to avoid going through the gacha process again.

There are also different reasons a gamer might decide to sell their account in the first place. One of which is that they started playing the game but lost interest, perhaps because it’s not their type of game. Another reason a gamer might decide to sell their Lost Centuria account is due to real-life responsibilities. Sometimes, a gamer might put days, weeks, months, and even years into a game before things such as work and study take precedence. Some players who’ve dedicated a lot to an account don’t want to see it wasted, gathering cobwebs and not being used, so decide to sell it instead.

How Do Sellers Value Their Summoner’s War: Lost Centuria Account?

Online sellers are able to ask any price that they want when they try to sell their account, but there are general standards within the community. Sellers who create offers that are too highly priced may not be able to find a buyer, as buyers will generally look for the best price that they can get on an account that meets their requirements.

These are some of the things that both buyers and sellers consider when evaluating the price of an account, or how much it should be posted for:

  • Number of viability 5-star monsters
  • Number and viability of runes, preferably Hero to Legendary
  • Amount of mana stones and crystals

The higher these are, the more likely a seller is to find a buyer willing to pay a higher price for their account. In accounts with Crystals, traders tend to check the price of the Crystals and then add them on top of the price they set for the account based on the previous factors.

To try and figure out how much an account should be sold for, traders usually check other offers with similar accounts. They use this to create a baseline and attempt to figure out if they should increase or lower the price of their own offer. Higher prices may result in better profit, however, lower prices mean that the account will probably be sold faster.

Gamers who are considering selling their account should read the game’s terms and conditions before making a decision.


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