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How Some Players Make Money Playing Summoners War Chronicles

A power leveling service is when buyers let sellers use their accounts for leveling, grinding, farming, or questing. Most would want one when they’re not able to play the game or don’t know where to get an item or can’t defeat the boss that guards it. It’s a convenient way to continue progressing, even when the owner of the account isn’t able to play.

Of course, they can avail the service whenever they want. They could be burnt out by the game by all the grinding and need a break. There are many other possible reasons, and it’s up to the seller to provide the service.

Types of Power Leveling Services Gamers Sell

  • Leveling Service - As a fully-fledged action RPG, levels play an important part in gameplay. The character’s level opens up locations, features, and mechanics. Higher-level summons are stronger and offer more aid in battles. This kind of service levels up the characters of the account and/or their summons.
  • Resource Gathering - A service dedicated to gathering materials and resources to improve gear, summons, or whatever else. These items would be needed in bulk, as there are many things to upgrade, and there will be overlaps in what they need. Currency is included in this service, as it’s needed for all kinds of things: buying stuff, enhancing gear, upgrading summons, etc.
  • Challenge Completion - Buyers might have difficulty in completing a dungeon, quest, or defeating a boss. That’s the time when they can take a Power leveling service to ask for help in completing the task. The buyer can enjoy the rewards of the task afterward. In other games, this is done since the reward isn’t tradable to other players.
  • Custom - Buyers may want more than one type of service. In that case, sellers have to indicate if a custom combined or mixed service would be okay with them. They have to consider that a mixture could lessen the quality of service.

Sellers have to be sure to communicate well with the buyer. A loss in the quality of the service can mean fewer future customers in the future. Fewer buyers mean fewer profits. Then again, that’s just the worst-case scenario. With proper communication, this can be avoided. Another way to avoid that is to be clear about the limits and don’t promise to do something impossible.

How Do Traders Stay Safe?

Yes, a Power leveling service can be risky on the wrong site. The buyer shares their account details on faith that the seller will return it. That’s why sellers prefer to sell on trading platforms with large communities of traders. With larger communities, traders will have more feedback left for them, indicating which buyers and sellers are the most reputable to trade with, allowing both sides of all transactions to trade only with the safest members of the community if they so choose.

Before getting involved in trading, players should read up on the game’s terms and conditions, and policies on trading to ensure that they are fully aware of the developer’s stance. They should also consult the user agreement for the platform that they choose to trade on for more information.

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