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Superfuse is a nerd’s dream; with hundreds of different possibilities and statistics enough to make a person’s head spin, it’s a game perfect for the stat-consumed. Superfuse is a dungeon crawler in the same vein as Diablo, but players get a sci-fi world with a comic book aesthetic instead of having dragons and wizard hats.


As one might expect, players will spend a lot of time blasting their way through hordes of enemies while collecting loot. The process can become repetitive as they do quests, explore new areas, and level up. It’s a loop that avid MMO players know well—especially those with thousands of hours in other life-consuming ARPGs. Then there’s the fact that once they open up the menu, they’ll be greeted by piles upon piles of customization options and skill trees. This can be overwhelming for the player, which is the perfect time when a seller steps in. By selling Superfuse powerleveling services, sellers can help buyers in other ways besides leveling up their hero—they can customize their in-game character.


The Five Stages of Customization


There are five levels of customization in Superfuse: selecting a hero, choosing the base powers to unlock from the hero’s talent trees, selecting how the hero’s abilities will function through the Skill Creator menu, modifying the said skill tree with Power Fuses, and modifying the modifiers even further to let them work exactly how a player wants.


The entire process is overwhelming. But if sellers find the right combination for the buyer’s needs, they can imbue heroes with powers nobody has ever seen. For example, the Berserker class has a skill called “Slam”; its name is self-explanatory as to what it does. It starts as a simple skill, but if players start plugging skill points, it opens up a diagram of possibilities. Players could have a Slam skill that would launch projectiles. They could also add status effects such as poison damage or ice damage. Or they could do both. As long as gamers have the skill points, they can do all of this.


The whole point of Superfuse is to tinker, plot, and experiment. Sure picking up a class and completing the quests mindlessly is possible, but the real fun of Superfuse lies in its menus.

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