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Optimizing the perfect character isn’t easy, especially if it concerns Superfuse. The game has three character classes in which players can fuse multiple superpowers. By doing so, they’ll be able to build a style that’s unique to them. They can further power their Enforcers by collecting powerful weapons, boosters, and hi-tech armor. Unfortunately, doing so involves either a lot of grinding or spending credits.


Sellers with a reserve of Superfuse Credits can sell them in third-party marketplaces where buyers are looking for the currency. Not only will they help other players in completing their perfect build, but they’ll also earn a few bucks while doing it. After all, demolishing hulking abominations and grotesque creatures doesn’t come for free.


How to Farm Superfuse Credits


Sellers can farm credits by playing the campaign offline or going into a PvE environment where sellers can group up with three other friends. Superfuse has challenges they can complete to earn XP, accessories, and in-game currency.


Sellers can also slay villains and monsters known as “The Corruption” to collect Credits and loot. Note that the loot has randomized stats, so they won’t always get what they want. If players have any excess loot sitting in their inventory, they can sell it to earn Credits. Superfuse

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