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Selling Your Steam Keys for Cash

Selling game discs for PC is so 2002; nowadays you can just sell your Steam CD Keys if you want to make money. So, how to sell Steam games here? That’s easy.

How to Sell Your Steam Games for Real Money?

If you want to sell Steam Key, simply log in (or register if you don’t have an account yet), then click on sell or go to your profile. Accomplish the necessary fields, and then your offer will be posted.

We will notify you once a buyer places an order on your offer, and depending on your choice when creating the offer (e.g., auto-delivery or manual delivery), you or the system will give the CD key or code to the buyer. After the buyer verifies the CD key and confirms the delivery, you will be receiving the payment for your Steam Key.

How Much is A Steam Key?

When selling your Steam CD Keys and codes, keep in mind that the more popular a game is, the pricier is the code for it, whether it’s a CD key or a special code that yields in-game items, currency, or other perks. And even the result of that is still ultimately a recommendation. In the end, how you’re going to price your offer is up to you.

Nevertheless, it’d be better put a price on your Steam Key that is acceptable to the buyers. This way, they won’t be turned off. At the same time, don’t set it too low so that you’d still earn enough profit.