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If you’re looking for a pal to duo with, then why not offer Spellbreak powerleveling services? This Battle Royale game that seamlessly blends RPG mechanics is the next big thing! By boosting players, you’ll help them learn the game’s intricacies so they can become better players!

How to Be a Spellbreak Power Leveler

To be a Spellbreak Power Leveler, simply follow these steps:

  1. Register/log in as a seller.
  2. Send us an e-mail at [email protected] saying that you want to become a Power Leveler.
  3. Once we have reviewed your credentials and deemed you to be qualified enough to become a Power Leveler, send a Power Leveling Reserve Fund for each active Power Leveling post you want to be posted.
  4. When your offers are already posted up and there’s a buyer interested in availing your services, do the boosting accordingly and the account back to the buyer.
  5. Wait for the buyer to confirm to our system to send in the payment and get paid. During this time, your offer that the buyer availed will be automatically taken down and your reserve fund will be returned to you.

Why You Could Make It Big With Boosting in Spellbreak

We know that you’ve heard of up-and-coming Battle Royale games that use the words “sensational” or “the next big Battle Royale game after Fortnite” before but ultimately failing to even come close to being relevant in an over-saturated market. However, Spellbreak hits differently. It’s unlike any other battle Royale Game before. The game just recently got off early access and is now a full-fledged game that you can download. And for those of you who got a chance to play the game during its beta period, then you know just how good the game is! In fact, Fortnite pros are even excited about the magic-based Battle Royale.

Instead of the usual weapons, the combat is focused on using your magic and spell abilities to annihilate opposing players that get in your way. Spellbreak isn’t exactly the best teacher since it literally drops you right into the action without explaining the mechanics of the game, so new players who are used to the usual Battle Royale games tend to be intimidated. Your job, besides boosting players, is to spread the game to other people who don’t know about it yet. Spellbreak is going to be the next big thing in the Battle Royale scene, and this is your chance to earn the big bucks!

Things to Take Note of When Boosting in Spellbreak

When you log into Spellbreak, you’ll be immediately greeted by the main menu. From there, you can see the options of which game mode you can play: solo, duo, and squad mode. If you’re a seasoned Battle Royale player, then you’re probably familiar with these terms. Solo mode pertains to queueing up in the game alone, duo means that you’ll be partnering with a friend over the course of the match, and squad mode lets you play with more than 2 friends. When boosting, we recommend that you either choose solo or duo mode at most. Duo mode, specifically, is perfect if you’re coaching the buyer on how to play the game. Playing with more than two friends can be chaotic, and it doesn’t help that there’s friendly fire in this game, so you can potentially down your teammates if you’re not careful with how you aim your spells.

Spellbreak is a game that feels familiar in a way that it touches on the right spots that make a good Battle Royale game. It stands on its own and offers a unique experience that very little games have achieved since the emergence of the genre. Spellbreak also has RPG elements thanks to the character class system it brings to the table. The great thing about the class system is that it’s not a permanent feature. You can choose whatever class you want to tinker with before the start of every game, so you can experiment between the types of classes and choose whatever you’re most comfortable with. So if a buyer is looking to improve in a certain class that they like, you can help them learn the ins and outs of it by both being the same class in a few matches.

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