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How to Sell Your SMT LDx2 Account for Real Money

First, you have to set up a Transfer ID and password. From the game's menu screen (the button with three horizontal lines on the bottom menu) choose "Transfer" on the left side second row. Two boxes will appear, one with the ID provided for you, and another where you can set a password. Set a password. Then take note of these two pieces of information, because that's what you'll send to your buyer.

Next, go and make your offer. Describe your Shin Megami Tensei LDx2 account. List the levels of the party members, the player level, and whatever rare demons there are on the account. You can elaborate even further in the description, listing what levels they are and what brands they have equipped. As for prices, you can check other offers for a comparison and go with a price you think is fair. Then you can choose to deliver the information manually or instantly.

If you go the manual route, set a window of time you'll be able to give the buyer the info. Stick to that window of time, and deliver within it. The instant route is more convenient. Just give us the ID and password, and we'll handle delivery for you. However, it's up to you to choose which one to go for.

Whichever delivery method you chose, give the buyer time to check and verify the account. When they're done, they'll confirm the delivery and you get paid.

And that's how you sell Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Dx2 Account here at PlayerAuctions. We feature the best security and service, which makes us the best player-to-player marketplace. Go and profit now!