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Sell Smite Gems to Players

The conversion rate for Gems is between 5 USD for 200 Gems up to 100 USD for a whopping 8.000 Gems. Considering that Gems is a premium currency, it can burn quite a hole in someone’s pocket should they want to get the newest skins and gods in Smite. Luckily, there are easier ways to pay for Gems. By selling Gems in third-party marketplaces, sellers can offer cheaper alternatives to buyers who just want to get a specific amount of it.

Is It Possible to Get Gems for Free in Smite?

Sellers will be happy to know that they can quickly get Gems in Smite without spending a buck by simply logging into the game every day. However, the Gems that they earn through this method aren’t much, and they also receive Favors as well, which is another currency used in Smite. If sellers want to get a lot of Gems, they must put in some dedication.

Ranking Up Characters on Leaderboards

If sellers want to earn lots of Gems while playing Smite, it’s advised that they rank up specific characters that they’re good at on the leaderboards. If they don’t have a preferred character in the game, they can pick one of the gods to fight with that isn’t used as often and check the leaderboard stats for that character. Since each character has its leaderboards and ranking, sellers can try to attain the highest score. To do that, they’ll need to have more wins than losses.

Snagging wins will boost their score and get them to the top. Note that this strategy can take a while as you will need to rank up and keep your character of choice in one of the top three spots until the end of the season to get your hard-earned Gems. At the very least, you can do this method with more than one character, and you can even bring a friend along to help you accomplish this. Anyone who ends the season with a character in one of the top three spots of the leaderboard option will receive 200 (possibly more depending on your standing) per ranking and character.

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