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Why Sell Wow Classic: Season of Mastery Gold?

There’s a massive demand for gold in WoW Classic: Season of Mastery, since it’s a brand-new season and players are starting with nothing saved. Players need gold for mounts, crafting, gear, repairs, and much more. With all this demand, sellers will have no trouble finding a buyer for their offers. There are plenty of ways to earn gold to sell in WoW, but they all take time and effort, here are some of the most efficient ways of earning gold in WoW Classic: Season of Mastery (SoM).


There are lots of skinners in WoW, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible to make gold with this profession. By aiming to farm Devilsaur leather, WoW gold sellers can make a quick premium, since the resource is used by Leatherworkers in a few sought-after items. Devilsaurs only spawn every 15 minutes, and there are six in total in Un’goro Crater, which makes Devilsaur leather both a rare and competitive resource.


Another profession that allows players to earn gold quickly is Alchemy. The great thing about Alchemy is that the demand for it never dies down, as more players hit the end game and start to raid, the demand for potions, elixirs, and flasks will only increase. Combine this with herbalism to minimize the gold capital you require, since it allows you to harvest your own crafting mats.

Gathering Professions

With herbalism and mining, players can simply gather high-level or highly-priced mats and list them on the Auctionhouse. There’s less detailed planning involved, and the gathering professions provide a decent return in terms of time invested, since you’re guaranteed to get at least some gold for your effort.


Enchanting is not a recommended way to earn gold in WoW Classic SoM. It simply takes too much gold to level, and the sought-after enchantments mostly drop as recipes from end-game raids, which means the required investment, both in time and gold are simply too high to justify.

Farming Mobs

Finally, players can go with the tried and true method of farming mobs. Find an area with a high mob density, as well as the highest level that you can comfortably farm, and just start killing away! You’ll end up with a massive inventory of vendorable trash items, gold, and rares. Farming is good for some mindless play.

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