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The great thing about WoW Classic Season of Mastery is that once it’s live, players can create up to 50 additional characters maximum in each of the three games: World of Warcraft Classic (includes Season of Mastery), World of Warcraft (Vanilla)/World of Warcraft: Shadowlands and Burning Crusade Classic. Having a wide array of characters with different levels and professions is usually what prospective buyers tend to look for since they offer the most variety in terms of gameplay. If they wanted to just breeze through the content of each phase, they can use the stronger character. But if they want a fresh experience, then they can easily boot up a character that’s just about to start their journey. It should be noted though that characters that were initially created for the open beta of WoW Classic: Season of Mastery will not be available to use in the actual game. It’s a bummer, for sure. Especially if someone has already invested a lot of time and effort into their character from the open beta.

Improvements in Season of Mastery That Sellers Will Love

Several changes have been made in Season of Mastery that sellers will surely love. They help speed up character progression and re-introduce a couple of features that were already commonplace in later expansions.

For starters, there will be changes when it comes to gaining experience in Season of Mastery. The Adventure Awaits buff will grant an additional 40% experience for characters that are level 1 to 59 or doing Dungeon quests. Any quests that are flagged as Group (Elite) can also take advantage of this buff as well. Adjustments were also made in the calculations used to determine the experience awarded to players or groups when getting “tapped” by enemies but killed by another player/group.

Miners and Herbalists rejoice! The availability for both nodes has been increased for all of the zones in the game. Adjustments and additions were also made to Herbalism nodes in dungeons. Players that are gunning to have the maximum level for the Herbalism profession will also have a slight chance to obtain the Black Lotus when looting high-level nodes.

The Dungeons were also affected in Season of Mastery. Most changes that were done were aimed at reducing the ability for players to boost or power level other players that have a lower level than them. This is arguably the main reason why there are bound to be buyers looking for Season of Mastery account sellers rather than those that specialize in boosting services. Players can expect tweaks in the Stratholme, Blackrock Depths, Maraudon, and Zul’Farrak once they release in the next coming phases.

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