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How Gamers Make Money Playing Saint Seiya Awakening

Some highly skilled or talented players decide to start selling power leveling services for Saint Seiya Awakening online. These players find other gamers who are struggling on platforms like player-to-player marketplaces and offer up services to help less talented individuals out. While selling power leveling services does require more communication on the seller’s part, many sellers find it to be more interesting as it provides a challenge and often comes with a variety of tasks.

Tips on Leveling in Saint Seiya Awakening

Here are some ways for you to level your Saint Seiya account in a more time efficient and effective manner:

  1. Always Check the Novice Welfare Tab

    If you’re hunting for achievements, then make sure to always check the Novice Welfare tab that’s found near the top of the main menu. There, you’ll find a list of achievements that you can complete and give you plenty of useful items as a reward. It never hurts to check what you can and can’t do there, plus it’s a great way to gather the resources you need to awaken the characters that are in your account.

  2. Important Challenges are Vital

    There’s always a set of important challenges that you can do in Saint Seiya Awakening. And yes, these are different from the usual daily quests that you get. Just by completing the missions from the “important challenges” section, you earn more rewards than usual and even new characters. Just be sure to complete these challenges before they expire since most of the time they have a deadline.

  3. Do PvP Battles

    PvP clashes/battles are the way to go if you still have some stamina to spare after all that grinding. Not only will you level up by doing PvP battles, but you’ll also earn battle rankings. Playing PvP is also the best way to get currency that you can then use to awaken or further upgrade the saints. Farming PvP in exchange for rare items and currency is great because you’ll be able to hit two birds with one stone.

  4. Progress the Main Story As Far As You Can

    Progress through the main story as far as you can to get the maximum amount of experience points. The main story is where you’ll primarily get experience points for the account and saints, as well as a bunch of other stuff like currency and items. Account level is different from saint level. The higher the account level is, the more stamina it has for you to do certain actions like accepting quests. For saint level, it’s basically the level of all your characters in the game. The higher the level of your saints, the stronger they are. As you level up your account, you’ll be able to unlock features in the game that will otherwise be unavailable to you.

  5. Autopilot is the Way

    Once you’re in battle mode, there are two engagement options: you can do everything manually and do all the turn-based combat by yourself or you can simply go on autopilot and let the AI do the job for you. We recommend that you increase the battle speed to max and use the auto-battle option on the condition that you already have a strong enough party to work with. If you’re going to battle stronger foes like bosses though, then it’s better to take the reins—at least for that specific battle only. Saint Seiya Awakening has a lot of useful things that you can toggle on and off, such as being able to set which skills each saint can use automatically. All in all, if you’re just leveling up by defeating not-so-formidable foes, then turning on the auto-battle mechanic is the way to go. But if you know you’re going to head into a harder battle than usual, then you should battle them manually.

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