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Rift has become notorious for being one of those MMOs with an inherently steep leveling curve. To overcome that problem, a lot of players resort to subjecting their accounts to Rift Power Leveling services. Take advantage of that demand–be one of our power levelers and earn real-life cash for it!

What Rift Power Leveling Services Can I Offer

With Rift’s latest expansion raising the level cap from 50 to 60, many players have complained about how difficult those ten levels are. To save their time and effort, you can swoop in and save the day.

Of course, there are plenty of variations of power leveling services you can offer. If you want, you can give offers that will level up characters from 1 up to the cap. After all, even before the expansion, leveling in Rift hasn’t been easy.

How Much Should My Rift Power Leveling Services Be?

Having said all that, what price should you put on your Rift Power Leveling Services? We can’t give an exact figure for that. In fact, we at PlayerAuctions leave it completely up to you to decide the price of your services. However, we recommend that you make it profitable yet affordable enough so that both you and the potential buyer would benefit.

How Can I Make Money Playing Rift as a Power Leveler?

There’s no better time to start offering Rift Power Leveling services for sale than right now. But before you can, you have to first become one of our Verified Seller sellers. For that, you have to conform to our trading policies, complete a total of 5 successful transactions, and have at least one successful transaction within the past 90 days.

Once we’ve given you Verified Seller status, you can start offering Rift Power Leveling services. While you’d be the one deciding what services will be covered in an offer, it’s more ideal to correspond with the buyer so that you can have a mutual understanding and both parties would get what they want out of the deal.

Also, remember that for every Power Leveling service offer made, you should make a deposit on our Power Leveling Reserve. This is so that we can assure the buyer that you’ll give the best service possible.

Once the account is returned to the owner and the buyer confirms with us that his requests have been met, the payment will be sent out after 3 to 5 days. Your deposit from the Power Leveling Reserve will also be given back to you!

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