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Why Sell Revived Witch Accounts?

Gacha games are getting increasingly popular due to their addicting mechanics. Other than appealing to gamers’ compulsive habits, these games also feature entertaining and engaging gameplay such as good graphic arts, great sound and music, and unique game style, and Revived Witch is no exception. The 2D pixel art style of the game is very alluring, and the gameplay is entertaining enough to entice players to try out the game. Since the game is a gacha, not all players will get the dolls that they want. This creates an opportunity for players with accounts that have lots of units. People who are looking to sell Revived Witch accounts will not have a hard time looking for buyers. Since the game has just been released, more players are expected to join the game in the coming months. It is prime time for sellers to stack up on profitable accounts containing outstanding units!

How to Maximize Summoning?

Players who are looking to sell Revive Witch accounts have to make sure that the accounts they are planning to put on sale contain units that are ultimate rare or S tier. To acquire the most desired units, gamers will have to summon units as much as possible. Unfortunately, summoning units require souls. Players will have to farm as many souls as possible to increase the amount of summons they can do. Here is the list of souls and where people can earn them:

  • Soul – Commision Board, Chest Exploration Rewards, First-time Chapter Rewards, Soul Shop, The Broken Lands
  • Soul Cryolite - Commission Board, Events
  • Large Soul Cryolite – Commission Board, Event, World Exploration Rewards

Reroll Method

The best way to start an account in Revived Witch is to acquire an S Tier or UR dolls from the very beginning. The game offers players 10 pulls after finishing the First Chapter. Gamers are given 100 tries to reroll the units they get until they are satisfied with their summoned team. Sellers can be off to a great start if they can get great units using this feature. If players are not able to acquire the units, they want even with the 100 reroll, they should not link or continue the account. It is more optimal to start a new account to redo the process until they get the dolls that they want before they link or make the account permanent.

Which Units to Sell?

As a gacha game, some Revived Witch units will be worth more than others. Their desirability or selling points depend on their rarity or their current role in the meta. Here are the current tier rankings of all units from UR to SR:

  • S Tier – Akasha, Amanami, Arcana, Celanya, Ella, Metarmorphoses, Mineer, Tuonel, and Ushpia
  • A Tier – Akasha, Caledonia, Cynetia, Flora, Goorveig, La Crima, Lilia, Mayahuel, Nannar, and Yui
  • B Tier – Flora, Inn & Lou, Kyphon, Luan, Norn, Pakane, Tama
  • C Tier – Acheronte, Anemone, Avil, Cetess, Crochi, Cuspidata, Czerni, Elis, Eulalia, Fey, Hilda, Mikoto, Miku, Mortimer, Nemesu, Nocturna, Octavia, Primula, Ruda, Shuffle, Yothaya, and Yurugu
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