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How Do Players Make Money Playing Reign of Guilds?

As far as MMORPGs go, Reign of Guilds has all the classic ingredients to make it a huge smash among the gaming public. Dark magic engulfed in the mysteries of a medieval setting? Check! Sprawling open world to lose one’s self in for hours on end? Check! Action-packed castle sieges that will leave you hanging on the edge of your seat? Check! Complex economy and diplomatic dynamics that will force you to plot and scheme like a Lannister? Check! Countless merchant and crafting associations where gamers can learn various tricks of the trade? Check! Players can bet their bottom dollar that Reign of Guilds has all that in abundance and much more!

All that’s left is for an adventurer to choose their side and ascend to the throne whichever way they deem fit! With all this going for the game, there’s many players looking to get a piece of the action. Some of them, particuarly those with extra time who are skilled at the game, make money by providing power leveling services to other players.

Why Do Gamers Want Reign of Guilds Power Leveling Services?

Unlike most MMORPGs that fill the market nowadays, Reign of Guilds doesn’t force players into survival scenarios where they must scrounge for every bit of resource just to see the light of day. Instead, it encourages players to use their wit as they have to interact with other players. Build alliances or watch them burn. The choice is in the player’s hands. They just need to remember to think two steps ahead. After all, their actions (or inactions) today can shape the kingdom tomorrow.

As far as player interactions go, gamers have a couple of choices:

  • Combat – Obviously the most action-packed and popular choice. Players can assert their dominance over others as they lord over them on the battlefield to take what’s theirs. Be careful, though. No one goes undefeated for long and a single mistake can prove to be costly in the long run.
  • Diplomacy – Building ties with neighboring fiefdoms may sound a tad bit boring at first glance, but it can prove to be a smart move down the road. Whether it’s keeping the peace or downright usury, gamers can be sure that you can get something out of it so long as they play their cards right.
  • Trade – Establishing invaluable trading ties can prove a king’s worth as a leader. Should push come to shove and war starts looming on the horizon, their value as a trading partner will make others think twice before striking first. Who knows? It may even cause others to offer aid because of how important a given king is to commerce.
  • Craft – Every locale is famous for something—a specialty if you will. And in Reign of Guilds, players can do just the same with their crafting. They can create a need for their local product and have others flock to their booming commerce. In the end, their worth will skyrocket and it will make them less of a target for other warmongering factions.

Reign of Guild’s gameplay is buffed with a dynamic combat style that’s infused with magical buffs. It lets players do their thing as there are minimal restrictions, making both the PvP and PvE scenarios a wonder to unfold. With character development being central to the game, players can bet it’s going to be an interesting journey. Some players even sell Reign of Guilds boosting services to speed up the journey for other gamers.

The road to being the king of kings isn’t always a bloody one. It’s up to the player whether or not they want to rule with an iron fist and drink from the empty skulls of their vanquished foes or if they want to be a peaceful and well-loved ruler.

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