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Why Players Buy Reign of Guilds Items

Generally speaking, items in Reign of Guilds have a multitude of uses depending on the situation. This includes the usual weapons and armor as there are several ways to equip a character based on what the situation calls for. There are thousands of base items in Reign of Guilds, making the choices almost limitless in the sense that not every player can acquire every item in the game.

Since Reign of Guilds is a sandbox MMORPG where there are hints of the survival genre and land building mechanics, it’s touted as an unforgiving and harsh game to the point where it even punishes players should they die by deducting their inventory, gold, and experience points. While some might like those kinds of parameters within an online game, not everyone does and may have a difficult time with it. This is why some buyers choose to purchase items for Reign of Guilds. Some items are harder to find than others and, at times, it’s like playing a game of hide and seek.

The Uses of Items in Reign of Guilds

There are many things that can be done with items in Reign of Guilds. As the game is a sandbox survival game, it offers a lot of flexibility and lets players do whatever they want in the game.

Here are some useful tips for using items in Reign of Guilds:

  1. Get a Crest

    If a player wants to claim a certain plot of land in Reign of Guilds, then they must first acquire a crest through crafting items. In the beginning, players are only able to craft a Leather Crest. But as they progress, they will have access to better and sturdier types of Crests. Of course, the better the Crest, the rarer and the more resources will be required to craft it. A Crest is important to every player in Reign of Guilds. This is because it signifies which guild and territory a player belongs to. The higher the tier of the Crest, the better the class standing of that player that wears it. When plopping down the Crest at a base, the player’s fellow guild members can build anything within that land so long as it is within the crest’s radius. It’s important to upgrade one’s Crest, as the better the Crest, the more land radius the player will be able to hold.

  2. Upgrade Territory

    Players that don’t upgrade their base won’t last very long in their reign. As a result, most opt to stick to one plot of land for a while and upgrade their territory first. Upgrading a land means that players must have access to some of the higher tier materials that are in the game. While these items can be found through farming, there are times when they are exclusive to certain territories that aren’t exactly allied to your guild. Building a proper base that a player’s fellow guild members can live peacefully in is tough work, but it’s one investment that should be taken if they want to live another day in the harsh world of Reign of Guilds.

  3. Know the Tools

    When spawned for the first time in Reign of Guilds, players will automatically have a small club equipped to them so that they can at least protect themselves and farm for common materials to build themselves a hut while slowly making progress. Sooner or later, these players will outgrow their tools and will require better items. No player will get anywhere without the right tools for the job in Reign of Guilds. Specific tools for the job such as a Stone Pickaxe for mining ores and gems in caves are extremely helpful for getting certain items in the game. While weapons are another important matter that is debatably more vital to the survival of a player, tools are essential in the sense that without them, players can’t upgrade their base to better their guild’s livelihood. Tools can also be used as weapons, but they’re not exactly built for fighting purposes.

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