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How Players Sell Reign of Guilds Gold

Reign of Guilds prides itself as a game unlike any other in the online gaming community. The game centers on the theme of guild warfare, where players can create and join guilds. While guilds aren’t exactly the newest thing that we’ve seen, Atlant Games takes it up a notch by using these guilds for either war or alliance-related actions. There are many ways to earn gold in Reign of Guilds. Players can either cooperate with each other to create massive kingdoms to rule over, or become tyrants and start a mission to usurp somebody else’s throne.

Everyone starts off as a warrior, but with a little elbow grease, players become leaders. After that, leaders become Counts, and Counts become Kings with their own territory. As they grow to become a King of their own land, your character becomes stronger and richer, making other people turn their attention to you for some much-needed gold. It’s possible to be killed at any given time during the game by other players. The reason? For loot and riches! That’s just how important gold is in Reign of Guilds, meaning that sellers are able to find people to sell Reign of Guilds gold to.

How to Make Gold in Reign of Guilds

The world in Reign of Guilds can be unforgiving and cruel, which is why safety comes first when out and about. Following an old school hardcore vibe, Reign of Guilds features unattached loot. This means that whenever a player dies, they’ll partially lose experience points and their gold/loot—the higher their Karma level is, the more they’ll have at stake. Dying has a consequence here and it can derail a player’s journey to becoming King. To avoid turning into a beggar on the streets, it’s important that players learn how to efficiently get gold even when the situation isn’t exactly favorable.

Here are some surefire ways gamers go about getting gold in Reign of Guilds:

  1. Choose the Right Association

    Associations are an assembly of guilds that have certain expertise that become their main activity. Joining a guild is common sense in Reign of Guilds. After all, it’s difficult to survive as a lone wolf. But not everyone is interested in becoming a ruler, so what about them? This what the associations are for. Each association, while not fighting for castles, still has an influence over the kingdoms due to their vast array of skills and knowledge. There are three types of associations that players can join: associations of crafters, associations of mercenaries, and associations of merchants. Each of these associations has a set of requirements that must be fulfilled in order to join. Players who are scared of losing a portion of their loot and XP might be more interested in joining the crafting and/or merchant associations as both of these offer lucrative methods of earning gold through trading.

  2. Capture Castles

    The swiftest way of earning gold lies in castles. Capturing castles can instantly earn players rewards, but it can be dangerous for the unprepared.. There’s a total of 60 castles that can be captured in Reign of Guilds. The higher the level of the castle, the more difficult it is to capture it. However, more rewards are available for capturing castles that are more dangerous. It’s basically a risk versus rewards kind of thing. As long as guilds have made all of the necessary checkups and whatnot for battle and don’t bite off more than they can chew, capturing castles can be a fun and rewarding experience. But if, for example, there are other players that already inhabit the castle, then there’s only one thing to do: eliminate them. By doing so, guilds will be the one to take over the castle. Plus the fact that by killing the guild leaders/King will supply the players with lots of gold.

  3. Collect Taxes

    Counts or Kings should not forget to collect their taxes. The Count’s guild has an option to decide whether or not to collect the trade tax, while Kings have the right to collect their royal tax. These taxes provide money to players and their guilds at the expense of the general population. While rulers can choose to exploit their county or kingdom by constantly collecting taxes, remember that the lands must be regulated together with its quality of life. If people find themselves being exploited by their own leader, chances are they’ll leave for another place without hesitation.

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