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Why Do Gamers Sell Reign of Guilds Account?

Games with medieval settings are always a big hit. They are, after all, the norm when it comes to RPGs. No matter how many times development studios do them, there will always be more stories to tell and more adventures for players to embark upon. And with ROG’s sprawling expanse and intelligent use of scheming and strategic gameplay, there’s a lot of people jumping on the badwagon to get involved. With all of this going for the game and many people wanting to start playing, some players want to sell their Reign of Guilds account to a newcomer. 

Here's why so many people want to get involved with ROG.

The Setting

Reign of guilds throws players into the middle of medieval world galore. Through scheming, politics, and subterfuge, gamers can climb up the ranks from a lowly warrior right up to a place of prominence. The ultimate goal, of course, is to be king and lord over the entire kingdom. To achieve this lofty goal, gamers need to forge alliances and wage war against those who may attempt to thwart their plans of domination.

The Plot

With the kingdom’s history sunk into limbo, now’s the time to move forward and forge the future—and it’s up to the gamer to write it! The kingdom is split into four parts (North, South, East, West), and each part is made up of counties, towns, and villages. While players are free to roam about anywhere they please, the four parts of the kingdom are all connected via the King’s County, the heart of the kingdom.

The Gameplay

Unlike other games of its genre, there is only one race that exists in ROG: The Human race. There are also no conventional classes. As far as character customization goes, it only offers things as far as appearance, gender, and character name. This doesn’t mean that the gaming experience isn’t customized to fit players’ needs though. Far from it! In fact, it is up to them to decide the route they will take toward conquering castles and, eventually, the kingdom. Or if being the king isn’t their cup of tea, they can settle for being a lord committed to castle sieges.

Adventurers must grow attributes, use weapons, or employ magic—the choice is theirs. Also, as for farming methods, the choice doesn’t really make a difference as players can equally farm effectively through the various means (player killing, mobs, forge-working).

The Associations

Since guilds are the name of the game, it’s vital that players learn about the different ones. Associations are the various assemblies of guilds found in the game. They are categorized according to their main activities. After all, not everyone wants to wage war—there are other less subtle ways of ruling the kingdom.

The three categories are as follows:

  • Association of Merchants
  • Association of Crafters
  • Association of Mercenaries

The Vocations

In addition, ROG features different vocations for players to take up. There are currently 14 of them all under 3 different types: Universal, Physical, and Magical.

The requirements for each vocational type are as follows:

  • Universal – 16.16 Minimum with a max of 60.60 (Assassin, Barbarian, Blacksmith, and Thief)
  • Physical – Minimum 16.1 with a max of 60.15 (Crusader, Gladiator, Hunter, Steel Master, and Weaponsmith)
  • Magical – Minimum 1.16 with a max of 15.60 (Archmage, Druid, Enchanter, Inquisitor, and Necromancer)

The In-Game Items

No game would be complete if it didn’t have its fair share of unique items. ROG features over 1000 base items for players to possess. All these items can be categorized under weapons, armor, jewelry, powders, and mantras. And depending on the prefixes added to each item, the end result can vary greatly—it’s up to players to create the items that will prove to be most useful in their quests!

The Game’s Status

Reign of Guilds has been in production for quite some time now. Though most of the development is currently under wraps, there’s very little doubt that it will make a big shebang once it gets unveiled to the gaming public. The game’s Alpha phase proved the game’s potential to impact the industry. It has since received a warm reception from players and critics alike.

As the game is growing, players are always coming and going, with some of the ones who are going deciding to sell their ROG account. Players who are considering trading their account should read the game’s terms and conditions before making a decision.

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