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How to Sell my Realm Royale Account?

Getting tired from all the Battle Royale games? Thinking of quitting? Then instead of deactivating your account since it’s such a waste, why not sell it here at PlayerAuctions? After all, Realm Royale has a bright future ahead of it, gaining thousands and soon millions of players as an audience since the boom of the Battle Royale genre. You’re sure to have an easy time selling your Realms Royale Account here, and it’s easy too!

By selling your Realm Royale Accounts for real money here in PlayerAuctions, you not only get to make a difference in the gaming community, but you give new players a chance on trying out new accessories and join the high rankings.

Here are some steps to help you on how to sell your Realms Royale Account:

  1. Register as a seller.
  2. Begin posting your account/s for sale on the Realms Royale Account page.
  3. 3 Once a buyer has taken interest, our system will automatically notify you on your primary e-mail.
  4. In order for you to get the payment, you must first deliver the item to the buyer within the timeframe.
  5. After the deal, you can get your payment which will be transferred to your AmazonPay or bank account of your choosing.
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