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Sell Puzzle and Dragons Accounts for Real Money

Puzzle and Dragons is a simple yet fun game on Google Play, iOS, iPad OS, and Fire OS. As a free-to-play game that has been running since May 2014, its publisher GungHo announced that it surpassed more than 4 million downloads. With the multiple platforms and massive player base, there are potential buyers other than there who would want to purchase an account that has the following:

  • Monster Book:

    There are over 2000 monsters to collect; some are rarer than others. A seller may feel it is time to let go of the game after spending months, if not years trying to collect them. Why not sell the account to reward themselves after all that effort?

  • Monster Skills:

    Having a vast collection of monsters is one thing but having them get 100% skill up is another. Buyers would be interested in powerful monsters who have maxed their potential and can fight even the most challenging battles.

  • Magic Stones:

    The premium currency of Puzzle and Dragons, the Magic stones, are essential to progressing in the game as they increase the odds of obtaining the most powerful monsters or expand the storage capacity to hold more monsters. Other uses include Revival, Stamina Recovery, Expand Friend Slots and the Rare Egg Machine. These stones can be bought for real money or slowly obtained through regular gameplay. Those who no longer use the account may have plenty of Magic Stones to spare. Selling the account with its available monsters can earn a seller some quick cash.

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