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How Some Players Make Money Playing Pokemon Masters

Grinding isn’t as meaningless as trainers thought it would be compared to the other mobile games in the market. To progress further in the Pokemon Masters, it’s an automatic requirement that players have to get stronger as they go. Not only will trainers need a team that’s strong enough to tank lots of hits from their opponent’s Pokemon, but they’ll have to formulate a team that’s ideal for every type of situation. With each battle that a player wins, their Sync Pairs will level up. The more difficult the opponents that they manage to trounce, the higher the experience points that they’ll be able to receive.

Gamers often think that the only way to level up as quickly as possible is by breezing through the entirety of the game, but that’s just not possible. For one, Pokemon Masters is a game that has no end in sight. Constant updates and patches are being added to keep it from getting stale. New content is always welcome in a mobile game, after all. And two, it’s not possible to defeat every boss in the game through sheer willpower. The bosses in Pokemon Masters are more than just a challenge. They offer an experience that’s unique to their specific style. For example, if players were up against Hau, a trainer from the Alola region, they’ll have to mix and match their Sync Pairs to gain an advantage. But if players were to use the same composition that they used with Hau on another trainer or gym leader, then there’s a high possibility that they’ll get mowed down.

There’s more to level up in Pokemon Masters by just playing the game. Players will have to take into account how their Sync Pairs are performing, what items should use to speed up the process, and how they should use their Pokemon to their advantage. For some players, this is too much work. Other players might love doing this, however, and they occasionally decide to make money playing Pokemon Masters by providing power leveling services. The players who decide to do this are usually adept players who know the best methods for leveling.

The Usefulness of Level Up Manuals

Level Up Manuals are one of the most underrated items in Pokemon Masters that a lot of players just glance at. This is rather unfortunate as in truth, they’re a very useful item for leveling up with. Using Level Up Manuals will instantly grant a Sync Pair an experience points bonus effect that will take into effect once a player starts to grind. This item can easily increase a Sync Pair’s level more than just once too. There are higher tier variants of Level Up Manuals to collect in Pokemon Masters. Should players acquire those, then they case easily level up their trainers and Pokemon without breaking a sweat. Level Up Manuals can be obtained by completing missions, exchanging coins down at the shop, and simply playing Pokemon Masters. Should players want to use a Level Up Manual, all they have to do is go to the main menu and give the “Team” tab a tap. Once they’ve done that, players can simply go to the “Level Up” category and choose which Sync Pairs they want to level up. Players will be then met with the option of how many Level Up Manuals they want to use and which type they’ll be going with.

Auto-Battle Feature Should Be Turned On

The auto-battle feature in Pokemon Masters is the most useful in the game by far. With this, players can easily send their chosen team to fight without batting an eye. This is because an AI will be controlling their Pokemon. Granted this isn’t something that would give players a lot of experience points instantly, it’s the laziest and most hassle-free way of leveling up. The main catch with this method though is that players will need to play a lot of the game beforehand to be able to use the function without having to worry about being defeated easily. The solution to this is for players to work toward their team early on so they’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor in the later game. The Training Area courses are great quests that players can easily use the auto-battle command since they’re merely multiple courses wherein players don’t worry about being KO’d.

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