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How Do Gamers Sell a Pokemon Masters Account?

Pokemon Go has always been the main Pokemon game that mobile users play, or at least until now. Pokemon Masters is the latest game in the series, and it’s also going to be a mobile game! Now one might scoff at the idea of mobile games in general and how inferior they are compared to PC and console games, but mobile gaming has evolved over the years into a huge industry that already has a lot of gamers in it. Popular open-world online titles such as Black Desert Online and Old School RuneScape among others already have a mobile port of their original game. Not everyone has the time to sit down and play video games; luckily, the alternative (mobile games) continues to evolve and improve significantly.

Pokemon Masters is unique compared to what the fans have seen so far. For the most part, players always had to get their Pokemon stronger and evolve them. In Pokemon Masters, however, players will also have to keep in mind collecting different characters and rosters of famous trainers from the Pokemon franchise. That’s right, players won’t be making taking the role of a protagonist or their character, but instead, they use other trainers present in the other Pokemon titles and use their partner Pokemon.

With so much going for the game, there are a lot of players wanting to get involved. Not all players, however, want to start from scratch and work their way up themselves. As a result, players who have worked their way up and are no longer interested in playing the game might decide to sell their Pokemon Masters account to one of the aforementioned players. Typically, an account seller will create an offer for their account on a player-to-player trading platform and wait for a buyer to come along and take up their offer.

How Combat Works in Pokemon Masters

How the combat works in Pokemon Masters is fairly simple. All of the battles consist of making real-time decisions with the help of the Action Gauge. Think of the Action Gauge as a ticking time bomb where the player can launch their attack if the gauge is full. This is completely new for old-time Pokemon players who know the game at its being using a turn-based battle system. What’s more, Pokemon in Pokemon Masters will only have one type and weakness rather than having multiple like in the other games. For example, a Fire-type Pokemon is usually weak to Water and Ground-types. But in Pokemon Masters, the Fire-type Pokemon will only be weak to one of those two types mentioned. Thankfully, players won’t have a hard time figuring out the weakness of their Pokemon and such since it’s displayed beside each Pokemon that’s out in the field.

Acquiring Trainers

The reason why there are buyers for Pokemon Masters accounts is due to having such strong trainers. Trainers are called Sync Pairs since they’ll have their partner Pokemon alongside them. Players can collect these Sync Pairs by unlocking them naturally through the Beginner’s Phase. After Chapter 18 of the story mode, players should have 22 Sync Pairs in their arsenal. Some of these Sync Pairs include Misty and Brock, two iconic gym leaders from the Kanto region.

Another option on how to get Sync Pairs is through Trainer Scouting. Most of the other Sync Pairs outside story mode can only be acquired through this process. Essentially, it’s a gacha-style way of rerolling characters and such with the use of premium currency. To scout a trainer, players will have to spend 300 gems for each roll that they do. Players can find these gems from the “Shop” menu where they can purchase them with real money. They can opt to just try and earn it themselves by playing the game, but unfortunately, Pokemon Masters isn’t that generous with their premium currency since it’s a free-to-play game. Doing a bunch of campaigns that offer gem bonuses is fine and all, but outside of that, it’ll take a long time before players can farm enough gems to roll ten times.

In Trainer Scouting, each of the Sync Pairs has a different drop rate that’s dependent on their rarity. 3-star Sync Pairs have a 73% drop rate, 4-star Sync Pairs have a 20% drop rate, and finally, 5-star Sync Pairs only have a 7% drop rate. What this means is that getting 4 or 5-star characters isn’t something that’ll happen too often. RNG is the name of the game here, and if it’s not on the player’s side, then it’s easy to foresee a future where they only managed to get 3-star Sync Pairs after so many rolls.

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