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Why Gamers Want to Sell NBA 2K21 Account

NBA 2K21 is not just a mere iteration of a worn-out game that gets released annually. No. It’s more than that. It marks the last hurrah for 2K Sports’ flagship title in the last generation of consoles while ushering in a new age of gaming with the dawning of the new gen. With all this coming in full force, there are many new players coming into the game, and some of them are looking for those selling an NBA 2K21 account.

Who are the Top Players in NBA 2K21?

It’s time once again to take a sneak peek at the top players for NBA 2K. While there may not necessarily be anything shocking in this list, it’s still fun to see how the elite players of the league stack up against the competition. Without further ado, here are the top players of NBA 2K21!

  • Lebron James

    – Was there ever any doubt? Really. Even with so many years under his belt and so many obstacles set before his illustrious career, King James is still the boss of all bosses of the hoop world. Having a player rating of 97 even this far along in his career is a shining testament to Bron-Bron’s amazing longevity and dedication to basketball. Long may he reign!
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo

    – The Greek Freak is the reigning MVP and there’s little doubt that few can match him skill for skill. With an overall rating of 97, he’s practically biting at the King’s heels and it’s only a matter of time before he manages to turn the tides of the basketball world in his favor. More success in the post-season—something that has eluded him thus far—will definitely do that for him.
  • Kawhi Leonard

    – You gotta feel for Mr. Fun Guy. Just 2 seasons ago, he was sitting on top of the world with an NBA championship and an NBA Finals MVP under his belt. In a move that scratched people’s heads, he opted to leave his team and head for Sunny California. But instead of heading to the famed Purple and Gold, he opted instead to sign with the lowly Clippers—perennial chokers. Lo and behold! That’s exactly what happened last year. They choked yet again. Still, Kawhi is rated 96. He is still an elite player, after all.
  • James Harden

    – Many people fear The Beard, and rightfully so. He’s still an excellent marksman and perennial MVP candidate so a 96 overall rating seems justified in our eyes. What works against him is his apparent lack of post-season drive and inability to co-exist with another superstar. With that blockbuster trade to NJ, he’ll have to find a way to play with Kyrie and KD. No more indefinite dribbling before taking a step-back fade away with 1 second left on the clock.
  • Stephen Curry

    – This man changed the way the game is played. He shoots from the parking lot and makes them not just on a consistent basis, but practically all the time! Though the Warriors may be a shadow of what it once was as a dynasty, they’re still in playoff contention. We wouldn’t count them out just yet—not if Steph’s 95 overall rating has anything to say about it!
  • Anthony Davis

    – The Brow practically carried the Lakers to an NBA championship during the bubble season. And with the way the team is currently constructed, it seems as if they’re on track to win yet another title. Davis has a 95 overall rating and is a nightmare to defend—both down on the block and out on the wings!
  • Kevin Durant

    – One moment you’re the best player in the world and the next you’re missing an entire season. That’s the sad reality of injuries. But with this season being KD’s redemption year, he’s dead set on winning it all. He’s got a superteam and he’s clearly the best option. Anything short of a championship run would probably be considered a bust for this 95 overall rated player.

And those are the top players in this year’s edition of NBA 2K. Sellers are making sure that they’ve got unlockables and premium packs to entice buyers. After all, there are plenty of other selling NBA 2k21 accounts sellers are doing the best that they can to stand out in online marketplaces.

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