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Sell NBA 2K20 Accounts at PlayerAuctions

At PlayerAuctions, NBA action never stops. It’s hoops galore as virtual ballers from all over the globe seek to bust out ankle-breaking crossovers, dish smooth dimes, and drop long-range bombs. You can help other 2K20 players build their ultimate Dream Teams when you sell an NBA2K20 account. The best thing about it: you can earn cash while doing so. Here’s how!

  1. Register/log in as a seller.
  2. Create an offer for the NBA2K20 account(s) you plan to sell. Be as detailed as possible to avoid potential misunderstandings with buyers.
  3. Once a buyer selects your offer, you may then communicate via our onsite messenger and proceed to give the account details. Note that you may skip this step altogether if you choose the automatic delivery option.
  4. The buyer will then check if the account is as described in the offer. Once done, he or she will make the confirmation in our system and you’ll get your payment within 3-5 days.
  5. Congratulations! You now made a quick buck from your old NBA2K20 account. Create as many offers as you want!

MyRep Progression Explained

2K20 features the highly-anticipated return of the Park Rep via the MyRep Progression. Here, NBA fans can beef up their MyPlayers and rise up the ranks straight to Legend status. Needless to say, the higher the rank an NBA2K20 account has, the heftier the price it’ll command when sold.

Rep rewards are categorized as follows:

  • · Rookie 1
  • · Rookie 2
  • · Rookie 3
  • · Pro 1
  • · Pro 2
  • · Pro 3
  • · All-Star 1
  • · All-Star 2
  • · All-Star 3
  • · Superstar 1
  • · Superstar 2
  • · Superstar 3
  • · Elite 1
  • · Elite 2
  • · Elite 3
  • · Legend

The unlockable rewards in NBA2K20 range from mere cosmetic upgrades right up to coveted free copies of NBA2K21. So, it’s plain to see why you won’t run out of potential buyers if you’ve got an NBA2K20 account for sale that’s all beefed up!

The pandemic may have ground the current NBA season to a screeching halt, but here at PlayerAuctions, the hardcourt action is non-stop! Keep living your hoop dreams. Help your fellow ballers shoot the lights out like the Splash Brothers, dominate the game like Lebron and KD, and lock things down like Kawhi!

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