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Mortal Kombat is perhaps one of the most notorious franchises in gaming history. And its learning curve is equally steep! Who doesn’t enjoy the infamous the bone-chilling Fatalities that send waves upon waves of shock value through your spine? Unfortunately, not everyone is equipped with razor-sharp skills like Kitana, ice-cold moves like Subzero, or downright deadly finishers like Scorpion. That’s where you come in! Put those MK skills to good use and earn some cash!

Earn Money Playing Mortal Kombat

Earning cash by playing the game you love is easy! Just follow these steps and you can get to level up other people’s MK accounts for serious cash:

  • Create an account (or simply log in if you already have one)
  • Send an email to [email protected] to let us know that you’re interested in becoming a PlayerAuctions Power Seller.
  • We’ll screen your credentials to ensure that you can give buyers top-notch leveling services.
  • Once you’re done with that, you can start posting offers. Take note that you’ll need to make a deposit of 70USD as a security bond. This will be returned to you after the agreed-upon services have been rendered.
  • When a buyer picks up on your offer, simply finish the leveling service required and surrender the account back to the owner. The buyer will then make the confirmation to our system and we’ll promptly send you your payment! It’s that simple!

Mortal Kombat Leveling Tips

It takes a certain amount of moxie and intestinal fortitude to be able to be the champion of champions. To help you level up accounts and earn money at the same time. We’ve compiled a few handy tips!

  • Take part in Faction Wars – Many consider this method to pay the most dividends. You can reap a whole lot of experience here and you can also ride your luck via support cards. When successful, you can fuse them in your collection for additional experience.
  • Go for Gold – By getting gold cards on your team, you can boost through the game. Trying this through bronze cards simply won’t cut it as they yield less experience.

Becoming a better Kombatant is no easy task. That’s precisely why players from all over the globe need you! It’s time to take your MK skills to a whole new level and make some cold, hard, cash. Create an offer at PlayerAuctions today!

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