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How Gamers Make Money Playing Monster Hunter Online

Monster Hunter Rise is a game that challenges the skills of its players by imposing stronger monsters and they climb up the ranked ladder. While it’s not necessarily a competition as to who gets to the top first, knowing the secrets on how to be able to rank up as fast as possible allows a player to save a lot of time.

While many players out there are willing to put in the time and effort to ascend through the ranks themselves, there are some people who look for another gamer who is selling MHR power leveling services instead. These sellers, who aim to make money playing Monster Hunter Rise by providing these services, are often skilled at the game and know the ins and outs of ranking fast.

How Players Climb Through the MHR Ranks Efficiently

While most MHR boosters know the fastest ways to level, it’s a good idea for players, new players in particular, to spend some time learning the most efficient ranking techniques to ensure that they are not wasting their time in-game. Here are some of the best ways a hunter can quickly level their rank:

  1. Get High-Rank Equipment

    There is no such thing as being too prepared in Monster Hunter Rise. Having a high-rank armor before boosting buyers is a surefire way of not only finishing every hunt quickly but also not hinder the process of the whole process by fainting. It’s still very much possible for hunters to get one-tapped by certain monsters even if they have the best gear for the job though.

    An example of this is Rajang’s grab move wherein if a hunter is grabbed, there’s no way for them to get away until Rajang throws them to the ground where there’s a follow-up punch that can instantly cart them back to their base. But at the very least, having the best equipment there is in the game will make it easier for the seller in other hunts. The High-Rank quests are not only more difficult thanks to the additional moves that were added for certain monsters, but these monsters hit hard as well. One might be laughing at how weak the Great Izuchi is on the Village Quests and Low Rank quests, but they’ll be surprised to hear that its attacks are much stronger when they step foot into the 4-star quests.

  2. Don’t Forget to Eat

    Before departing, one surefire way of getting an advantage every hunt without having to spend an arm and a leg is by eating some Dango. In past Monster Hunter games, hunts are also able to eat a meal before setting out for a hunt. Based on what they choose on the menu, they’ll be able to gain certain effects such as resistance to specific elements and a higher recovery rate. This applies to Monster Hunter Rise as well, but in the form of Dango. While it’s not entirely clear as to why Capcom decided that dango should be the main meal for the game, it’s important to eat them before going to every hunt.

    Yomogi, the chef who makes these Dangos, comes up with different flavors that in turn offer different status effects and resistances that can buff a hunter. There’s even a Dango called the “Wealthy Man” which lets hunters earn more Zennys (the game’s currency) after the hunt! This is extra useful if a hunter is pitted against a monster where they’re weak to its element. A prime example of this is Khezu, a thunder element monster. For those who have little to no defense against the thunder element, they’ll be able to gain high resistance for it by consuming the Dango Thunder Res. There are also Dangos for other elements such as fire, ice, and water. Altogether, hunters shouldn’t forget to eat before setting out on their journey to either hunt or capture a monster.

  3. Use Decorations

    Decorations are a bit of a hot topic these days thanks to how useful they are in Monster Hunter Rise. When a hunter reaches the HR 4, they’ll be able to purchase high-rank gear once they slay the monsters that are from the 4-star quests and above. This gear, unlike the low-rank ones, have slots where hunters can put level 1 to 3 gems.

    Depending on which gems hunters put in their gear, they’ll be able to gain neat effects that can help them during their hunt. Some of the most popular gems nowadays that people are trying to slot into their equipment are the Expert and Quick Sheath gems. While it’s possible to get better effects such as Weakness Exploit through talismans, hunters will have to pray to the RNG gods first before they even manage to get at least a Fatal Tempest talisman that has at least level 2 Weakness Exploit. Gems are a quick way of not only improving one’s hunter, but they’re fairly easy to swap in and out as well so players can experiment with their build until they get the results that they want.

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