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How Sellers Make Money Playing Marvel Strike Force

When they use a power leveling service, the buyer lends their account to the seller, so the latter can level the account. While leveling is the main reason buyers take this service, that doesn’t mean sellers don’t offer anything else. Other possible services (other than those listed above) can be:

  • Gathering resources (currency included)
  • Collecting heroes/villains
  • Climbing up PvP ranks
  • Completing challenges/tasks

When looking for someone selling leveling services, a buyer might also ask for customization and a combination of any of those services. As a result, sellers usually indicate whether that kind of negotiation is welcome or not and have to take advantage of what they want to do. Being reluctant or unwilling could result in a poor quality of service, but it’s up to the seller to make that decision.

How Power Levelers Find Buyers

In order to actually make transactions, sellers first need to find people who are willing to pay for their services. With many options online for them to do so, it’s up to the seller to weigh up what kind of platform they want to start their search for buyers on.

When looking for a platform, there are a few things that sellers generally take into consideration, and why they tend to lean more towards player-to-player trading platforms:

  • Security and Safety - When sellers directly transact with buyers, they want to be sure that they’ll be paid. As such, finding a platform with trustworthy traders is of importance to sellers. They also prefer it if they can transact with an escrow system in place so that both sides hold up their end of the deal.
  • Access to Buyers – Without a marketplace or platform, it can be extremely difficult for traders to find each other. That’s why many sellers join online marketplaces where they can post offers for buyers to browse through and choose from. This reduces the need to scour to through forums or social media looking for other traders.
  • Knowing Traders – Some sellers look for platforms with reputation systems in place that indicate which sellers and buyers have had successful trades in the past. Reputation systems allow buyers and sellers to review each other to help subsequent traders decide who to sell to or buy from. As a result, gamers feel more comfortable and secure when trading with each other as they have more of an idea of who they are trading with.

Many sellers will take the time to read up on the game’s policies and rules involving this kind of transaction to keep themselves fully aware of the risks involved.

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