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In order to be a Power Seller, it's a requirement for you to send an e-mail to [email protected] to be verified as a legit seller for boosting services. You'll then need to pay a $70 reserve fund per ad if you want to post on our MapleStory 2 Power Leveling page. Once you have found a buyer and completed the boosting process, your $70 will be automatically refunded to either your AmazonPay or bank account.

MapleStory 2 Leveling Guide 2018

Thinking of carrying beginners of MapleStory 2 to greater heights? Then here's the ultimate MapleStory 2 guide to help you know where the best training spots are!

Training in a party is much faster than doing it solo as you gain maximum experience point rewards as long as you hit it once and the rest of your party members kill it. In addition to that, you can only gain EXP from monsters that are not more than 4 levels higher than your current character level. Explore all the maps at least once and find the taxi stand. Taxi cabs make it convenient for traveling far destinations.

Level 1-10 Boosting

Amherst is where you start your Maple Adventure and where you get to learn the basic controls of the game. Just following along the Quests until you can get off Amherst and get to the Main Land. Upon arriving on the Main Island, make your way to Lith Harbor towards Tria, completing more Quests along the way.

Level 10-14 Boosting

After getting your job/class from Tria, head over to the Tria Northeast maps where you can test out your new skills and get to level 14 quickly. Places such as the Beach Way can give you good EXP by killing of mini trolls, red trolls, and blue trolls. Pink Monsters and Stumps in the Green Forest Path can help you start off your leveling up process, and the monsters of White Rock Mountain have lots of Lambs and Green Wizards just waiting to be obliterated.

Level 15-30 Boosting

For levels 15-20, it's ideal to go to Cold Heart and farm up on Irons Pigs and Wolves, but if you're in the mood for a much brighter setting, then Autumnal Trees if the way to go, with Brown Lambs, Ducks, and Bees to level up on.

For levels 20 to 30, areas like Shadow Gate and Pillar Quarry Rock has the EXP you'll need to reach level 30. With Stone Golems, Stumps, Yellow Haired Zombies and Flying Demons by the ton around the vicinity, leveling up your characters are easier around these parts.

In order to level up from level 30 to 40, go to Sweet Valley and the Sand Dunes to get you started and grind by killing off Mini Mushrooms, Tall Stumps, and Cactuses. After that, you can proceed to go to the Lower Garden and Swirl Cliff and battle much more formidable monsters like the Rabbit on Drum and Skeleton Pirates.

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