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Maplestory 2: How to Sell Items for Real Money?

  1. Register/log in as a seller.
  2. Upload your offers.
  3. When we have found a buyer for you, deliver the item to him/her. you can meet up with the buyer at a certain time and location inside the game for you to trade the items through our onsite messenger.
  4. Get paid once the buyer confirms delivery.

Register and posting your offer is completely free. We only charge a small commission fee when you receive your money - we do not make money until you do!

Where the Rare Maplestory 2 Items Are At

  • Designer Market
    If you’re looking to sell some custom outfits, then the Designer Market is the place to go! It’s a place where users can buy and sell their customized equipment, and it’s very easy to put up a design for others as well.

  • Black Market
    Near Kerning City, there is a shady area called the Black Market. Here, users can talk to the Trader Sheryl and put up their items for sale (non-customized items). Then, other users who visit the Black Market can see these items for sale and buy them. This is the perfect place to find rare items at a good deal which you can resell in our marketplace. Besides third-party websites, this area is the only official place where you can sell your items.

  • Shadow World
    In Shadow World, huge scary monsters with the power of the shadows exist in this realm. These monsters hold special gems and items which cannot be found elsewhere in the world of Maplestory. You can enter Shadow World through cracks in dimension found all across Maple World. These special gems and items can fetch a pretty penny which you can sell off.

The Importance of Gear Score

Gear Score is a stat that is provided through equipment which is based off of the gear rarity, level, enchantment level, and generally put, the difficulty of the dungeon that the item was obtained from. There are dungeons at level 50 that have a minimum GS requirement that are required for players to enter the dungeon, which is why upgraded equipment, especially weapons and top/bottom/suits will be required to have enough GS to do certain dungeons.

Why Sell Maplestory 2 Items in PlayerAuctions?

Maplestory 2 is a game that gives importance to raiding dungeons and getting better gear. To be able to give players easy access to rare items than what you’d normally find in a high level dungeon gives them a chance to focus their time on other things. PlayerAuctions has been around for many years now and is trust worthy site for you to sell your Maplestory 2 items easily. With our international marketplace, you can easily cater to millions of people worldwide.

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