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Make money playing Magic Legends

If you love playing Magic Legends, then being a power leveler here at PlayerAuctions is the perfect way for you to earn cash while playing! Make money playing Magic Legends by selling your boosting services and help players from around the world attain the highest level possible!

How Do I Become A Magic: Legends Power Leveler?

To sell powerleveling services for Magic: Legends, simply follow these instructions:

  1. Register/log in as a seller.
  2. Send a message to our Power Seller Management Team at [email protected] to have them review your credentials.
  3. Once you qualify, send a $70 reserve fund to us through the e-mail stated above for you to be able to post an offer.
  4. When your offer has been posted and there’s a buyer interested in availing your services, coordinate with them on how many days it will take for you to finish the process and when you’ll be giving back their account.
  5. Boost the buyer’s account accordingly and give it back to them when you’re finished.
  6. Wait for the buyer to confirm to our system for you to get paid. You will also receive your $70 reserve fund back as well when you have completed the boosting.

Note: You can only post one offer at a time and you are required to deposit a $70 reserve fund every time you do so. For more information about the requirements to become a Power Lever, click here.

What is Magic: Legends?

Magic: Legends utilizes almost 30 years’ worth of lore and locations from the famous card game, Magic: The Gathering. Essentially, it is a card game that’s been turned into an MMOARPG that takes its inspiration from titles like Diablo or Torchlight—games that have perfected the use of this genre. The gist of Magic: Legends is that you create a character, pick a class of your choice, defeat monsters, acquire loot, and level up to become stronger. This rinse and repeat situation has been a staple for most MMO games for many years, and it looks no different for Magic: Legends. However, what makes Magic: Legends more unique compared to others is how it never forgets its roots. Constructing decks of cards will act as a spell pool that your character can perform. Each spell plays and synergizes in many different ways so the possibilities are a-plenty. By offering your powerleveling services for players, you can help them become to be not just a stronger player, but a smarter one as well.

Class Leveling

Players are able to unlock their first class upon creating a character, but as they progress through their adventure, they are bound to unlock more classes. Each class has a unique trait, and should a player want to fill the trait slots of their character, they will have to grind until they reach the maximum level in several classes. This can take a lot of time since every class starts off at level one. On top of that, they must be leveled independently. Meaning you can’t pick out a sub-class that you can level up at the same time as your main class. By giving a class leveling service, you’ll be helping out players a ton by reducing their playtime for grinding. Killing a horde of monsters is fun, but it can get stale pretty quickly—especially if you’ve been doing it every day!

There are many perks that come with leveling a class. For example, if you’ve reached a milestone level at a certain class, you get to have enhanced class abilities, class traits, and class perks. Notably, class perks are like passive buffs that are unique to the class that you’ve leveled up. Think of it as a sort of a bonus boost if you will.

Co-op Boosting

Co-op boosting is a great way to not only help the player level up, but also for you to progress through the game! For example, you can take the buyer under your faction. That way they can get exclusive rewards and all kinds of other cool items that can otherwise only be obtained by joining that certain faction. You can also help them battle through monsters that are usually difficult for the buyer to defeat. By defeating them alongside the buyer, you both get experience points from it. Note that in Magic: Legends, you can take it upon yourself to boost the buyer yourself or fight together. You can travel with up to two other players, so you can bring a friend to make the job easier as well!

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