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Selling Magic the Gathering cards, and even decks, is a very common practice. Thus, it follows suit that in the game’s MMO dungeon crawler iteration, there are those that will also do the same. There are many trading platforms you can do this, but if you want one that’s safe and convenient, PlayerAuctions is for you.

Magic Legends Cards for Sale: How Much Can I Sell Magic Legends Rare Cards for?

Putting a price on your Magic Legends cards for sale works the same way as they do in real life, as there are only two factors to keep in mind: rarity and viability. The higher the rarity and the more sought-after it is because of how useful it is, the pricier a card will be.

Also, when it comes to rarity, not all cards of the same rarity are equal. This is especially true when it comes to rare cards. Some rare cards because they’re simply harder to find or are limited in numbers, even compared to other rare cards. It’s also likely that there will be cards in the future that can only be obtained during special events. If these cards don’t get reissued, they can fetch high prices.

Do note, however, that you can put any price on the cards you’re selling regardless of what the player base thinks the price should be. Nevertheless, it’s better to stay close to the recommended pricing so that you won’t put off potential customers.

How to Sell Magic Legends Cards

Selling Magic Legends rare cards is easy. Simply log in or register, and then put up an offer for cards!

The game is not yet out, so the means of trading is still unknown. It could either be through direct player-to-player trading, or a central trading hub, much like World of Warcraft’s auction house. If it’s the former, simply set a time and date the transaction with the buyer will take place. On the other hand, if it’s the latter, ask the buyer to put up decoy cards, and to have him/her inform you once that’s done so that you can trade them for the rare cards he/she bought from you.

Once the buyer confirms the delivery, the transaction has been completed. Wait for 5 days–or just 3 days if you’re a PowerSeller–to get the reimbursement. Happy trading!

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