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Selling Information

Selling Magic The Gathering rare cards and decks have been a thing since the card game was launched, so it only follows suit that players will be putting up Magic Legends accounts for sale as well. That, of course, includes you. Whether it will be a one-time thing or a regular gig, you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to sell Magic Legends accounts.

How Much Should I Sell My Magic Legends Account for?

Magic Legends has not yet been released, but there are already a lot of factors that will likely affect pricing:

  • Level of Planeswalkers
  • Viability of Deck Build
  • Weapons and Armor quality and rarity
  • Number of rare cards
  • Amount in-game currency, both gold and premium currency (most likely to be Zen)

Like what’s already been mentioned, how these parameters affect pricing is not yet set in stone, as the game’s release will be hugely different from speculation and actuality.

Also, while those factors affect pricing, it may be hard to get a rough estimate without baseline value. Thankfully, there will be an Account Value Calculator later on. However, it will require this site to have a few sales first before the tool can be launched. Until then, you’ll have to rely on sheer conjecture.

On the other hand, you can also put a price on your account regardless of its contents. However, we recommend that you stick to the community’s pricing. This is to ensure that potential buyers won’t be put off by high prices.

Selling Magic Legends Account for Real Money

Selling Magic Legends account is really easy. Simply log in or register and create an offer. You will also have to determine whether you want the account details delivered automatically or manually. For convenience, it’s more advisable to stick with the former so you won’t have to go through the nitty-gritty of delivering the account details to the buyer yourself.

Once the buyer has confirmed the delivery, the transaction has been completed. Expect to receive the payment five days from then, and just three days if you’re a PowerSeller. Congratulations, enjoy your hard-earned money!

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