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Whether it’s a one-time deal or you want a regular gig, there’s no better place to sell MUT 20 coins than here at PlayerAuctions. We make sure that you have a hassle-free and safe selling experience.

How to Sell MUT 20 Coins?

Selling MUT 2020 coins is easy! Just log in or register and create an offer that will put up your MUT 20 coins for sale. Once a buyer clicks Buy Now on your offer, you will receive an onsite email from him or her. This is where you’ll discuss the details for the trade.

At the time and date you and the buyer agreed on, look for the Bronze Card the buyer put up at the auction house, which should be sold for the price of MUT coins he wants to buy. After doing that, wait until the buyer confirms delivery of the MUT coins. You will then receive the payment in 5 days–only 3 if you’re one of our PowerSellers!

How to Price Your MUT 20 Coins for Sale?

When putting a price on the MUT 20 coins you wish to sell, make sure to check the Madden 20 Currency Price Tracker first. This will help you determine which price is still going to help you make a profit without overpricing it, which could turn off a lot of potential buyers. Checking the usual pricing of other sellers can also help you decide which price range you’ll sell MUT 20 coins for.

While a low or competitive price is not a requirement, it will definitely make your offers more attractive.