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Why are Lords of the Fallen Vigor Profitable?  

Vigor is one of the most essential resources in Lords of the Fallen because it relates to character progression. This currency is used both for leveling up and getting valuable items. The problem with this resource is that it is constantly being used and exhausted so players can run out of supply efficiently.   

Farming Vigor is straightforward. However, the sheer amount you need presents players with a daunting challenge. Gamers need a consistent supply of Vigor to ensure they can progress smoothly as they venture further into Lords of the Fallen. Fortunately, this situation creates an opportunity for hardworking players to make some profit.   

Skilled gamers can offer to help others get more Vigor in exchange for real-world money. These options can either be piloting their account or boosting them in-game. Players Sellers can earn a considerable profit by assisting other players, especially since the demand for Vigor is high.  

Best Way to Farm Vigor  

Players who plan on making a profit from Vigor should know the best ways and places to farm this resource. This is a crucial skill that ensures they make the most of their time. Here is the best way to farm Lords of the Fallen Vigor:  

  • Ardent Penitent near Vestige of Agatha the Blind – The Ardent Penitent route drops around 600 Vigor after their death. Farmers need to defeat the Ardent Penitent and Pilgrim to optimize their grind. The best way to do this is to trick the charging enemy into falling off the ledge and clean up the remaining mobs.  
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