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Sell Lords of the Fallen Accounts With the Most Coveted Weapons

While players could technically get through Lords of the Fallen barehanded and without any armor, most would have a far better experience using the game's equipment. Weapons, in particular, are the key to getting victories in soulslikes. The weapon gamers want—or at least the type—is quintessential for building a character.

Lords of the Fallen boasts many weapon types players can have in their arsenal. Sellers can take advantage of that by selling Lords of the Fallen accounts with the best weapons in them; that’s sure to get the attention of buyers.

Creating A Strong Character

Even the most experienced veterans can be caught off guard. Thankfully, sellers can take the necessary steps and create a strong character for buyers.

Use Vestige Seeds Sparingly

Vestigars are resting points, much like the bonfires in Dark Souls. Players can find permanent umbral flowerbeds and vestiges where they can plant Vestige Seeds to serve as their safe area. It’s best always to have Vestige Seeds in the inventory, as they’re scarce resources.

Magic and Ranged Attacks Are Important Too

Don’t just put everything into Strength; Ranged and Magic attacks are helpful tools in the game as well. Ranged attacks can weaken an enemy’s stagger bar and draw them away from groups. This tactic is handy during late game. Meanwhile, Magic can be used to counter enemy status effects. Whacking enemies with a sword or hammer is fine, but it doesn’t hurt to mix things up now and then—especially when facing a formidable boss. 

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