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Sell Legends of Aria Platinum Today

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Lots of players are looking for Legends of Aria Platinum these days, so why not sell some of your stash? Help players buy their dream house and more by selling Plat here at PlayerAuctions!

Platinum is known to be an essential currency in Legends of Aria. Luckily for sellers like you, there are multiple ways for you to farm up on platinum so buyers won’t have to spend their precious hours grinding for it! There are methods that are tedious, but there are also some that are quite simple and easy for newbie players to get into as well. Once you’ve accumulated a lot of platinum to sell, drop by PlayerAuctions to sell your hard-earned plat for some easy cash!

How to Sell Legends of Aria Platinum for Real Money?

  1. Register/log in as a seller.
  2. Begin uploading your offers and rates to our system.
  3. When a buyer is interested in buying your platinum, we’ll notify you immediately.
  4. Coordinate with the buyer on when and where you will meet up in the game for you to transfer the platinum to him/her.
  5. Meet up with the buyer and transfer the platinum to him/her.
  6. Wait for the buyer to confirm to send in the payment to our system for you to get paid.

Note: You will receive your payment within 1 to 3 business days.

Getting Platinum on Legends of Aria

If you’re new to Legends of Aria, chances are you’re wondering how certain people are able to get tons of platinum and super fancy houses. Well, we’re about to spill some secrets to help you get rich in the game and sell some of your platinum to our marketplace!

Here are some of them:

Join a Guild

The people who got the big stuff early on in the game in an insanely fast manner are mostly part of a guild. With that in mind, joining a guild is perhaps the easiest way to get tons of platinum. Even if you play casually, you’ll at the very least earn thousands of gold in just a few hours. Guilds often hold territory on the frontiers of Celador, with some even forming player towns. Being part of a guild war or two ensures that you’ll get tons of loot for the PvP session. It pays to join a popular guild that’s known to have tons of players so that you know the guild will always stay active. For a newbie that has zero friends in the game, though, it’s hard to instantly get into a well-known guild. Take note that this option isn’t something that you can simply dive straight into.

Turning Cotton into Cloth

The fastest way for new players who want to become sellers is by harvesting cotton and turning it into cloth. To do so, you’ll need to go to the tailor besides the weaver NPC. While this is the easiest way, know that the market for cloth is highly-competitive due to the slow respawn of cotton. Once you’ve collected ample amounts of cotton and generated them into cloth, you can sell them directly to the vendor or the market where other players can buy your wares.


By harvesting raw materials such as ores and stones, you get about more than a hundred Legends of Aria gold in 2-3 hours. First, you’ll have to get yourself a mining pick. These picks can be purchased from the stalls in the market in any quarry area at relatively cheap prices. By collecting 80 stones, you can sell it to a trader for 40 gold. There are five ores that can be mined: iron ore, copper ore, gold ore, cobalt ore, and obsidian ore. Each of these ores has specific skill levels you will have to acquire to mine them, with the stone being the lowest and the obsidian ore being the highest.

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