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Legends of Aria Gold Farming

By now, we all know just how essential gold is in Legends of Aria, and luckily for sellers like you, there are multiple ways for you to farm gold so buyers won’t have to spend hours grinding! Plus, some methods are very simple and easy for newbies to get into as well.

Legends of Aria: Making Gold

Money can be acquired by killing monsters, achieving some stories, opening bandits and orc chests, by selling items to other players or traders, or simply by looting other players’ backpacks after a PvP kill. The money drops are usually proportional to their difficulty.

How to Make Money in Legends of Aria?

For newbies, the fastest way to make money is by harvesting cotton and turning it into a cloth by interacting with the Go to tailor beside the weaver NPC. After collecting ample amounts of cotton and generating it into cloth, you can then sell the cloth you’ve made directly to the vendor or through the market where other players can buy it. However, the downside to this kind of gold farming is the high level of competitiveness since the cotton will not re-spawn immediately.

Gathering wood in the forests is also an easy task for early players to partake in to earn gold. By gathering wood, you can turn them into arrows through carpentry. Plus, this will make your crafting skills increase significantly!

Mining is a trade skill and allows for the harvesting of raw materials such as Stone and Ore. To mine though, you will be required to have a Mining Pick that can be purchased from a market stall in any quarry area for just 40 copper. Mining up to 80 stones can be sold to a trade for 40 copper, making mining self-sustaining and profitable at the same time for players especially when first starting out. Throughout Celador, there are five primary veins within stones that can be mined for resources.

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