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In 2020, 19,600+ sellers made cash from selling on PlayerAuctions.

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Sell Your Legends of Aria Account for Cash

Selling your Legends of Aria account via PlayerAuctions is easy, fast, and secure! You might be wondering, ‘What's my Legends of Aria account worth?'. For one, you can compare your account to other offers already posted. From there you can estimate a price yourself. Having a point of comparison can give you a solid basis from which you can fairly price your offers.

Selling your account via PlayerAuctions is viable for the following reasons. One, we don't ask for a subscription nor do we have hidden fees. Two, we have the best security to keep your sensitive information secure. Three, we have the best community of over a million traders, and it's growing every day! Sell your Legends of Aria account now and reap the profits.

How to Deliver Your Legends of Aria Account

First things first: Before you make an offer, make sure to update the account's password. This extra step is doubly important if you've used that password in another more important account. When making your offer, choose whether you'll send the details yourself, or let us deliver it (auto-delivery). The former needs more effort on your part to send the login information within the time you indicate once we notify you that there is a buyer. However, the latter is more convenient. Send us the info and we'll get it to the buyer within 2 minutes.

Once the buyer checks the account and confirms deliver, you’ll promptly receive your compensation.

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