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How Players Make Money Playing Last Shelter: Survival

The main objective of Last Shelter is to manage all sorts of base-related activities. From attacking, defending, and building more bases, players are also in charge of upgrading their facilities. The more that they upgrade their base, the more they’ll flourish in the game. Think of Last Shelter: Survival as a tower defense type of game. Players are always surrounded by dangerous and deadly creatures that are ready to pounce at any given time. Of course, let’s not forget about the other players who are looking to raid other bases too. As such, players must protect their precious resources from the perils that lurk. Leveling up in the Last Shelter: Survival is important if players want to even survive in the game at all. They can choose to level up their base and strengthen their stronghold or even go so far as to enhance their heroes to become stronger and thus more powerful.

With such importance placed on leveling, there are a lot of players out there who don’t know how to do it or simply don’t have the time. At times, these players will look for others who can do it for them, so those wanting to make money playing Last Shelter may choose to sell power leveling services.

A Guide to Leveling Heroes in the Last Shelter: Survival

Heroes are a quintessential part of the Last Shelter: Survival because they add so much firepower to the plate. They are considered as the backbone of a player’s garrison defense should their base get under attack. Last Shelter: Survival implements a gacha-style of getting heroes by cashing in on premium currency to give players a random chance of getting a rare hero. Of course, that doesn’t always work out for the players themselves and could easily burn a hole in their pocket if they’re not careful. People often forget that they can just work on the own heroes that they have instead of having to rely on RNG for possibly pulling in an all-powerful hero that has a 2% drop chance.

Gaining Experience Points

Heroes can gain experience points in several ways. For now, the current level cap for heroes in the Last Shelter: Survival is 50; the road to getting to the maximum level is long, but rest assured it’s worth the investment. With each level increase that a hero gets, the hero’s squad will gain an additional 100 troops in the APC that they’re assigned in. So this means that should players reach the maximum level, then they’ll be getting a whopping 5,000 additional troops that they can deploy. Without further ado, here are some ways on how to level up heroes as quickly as possible in the Last Shelter: Survival:

  1. Participate in Clash of Zones Events

    Clash of Zones events is extremely important for leveling up heroes. As such, players should always aim to win as many of these events as possible. Luckily, Clash of Zones happens frequently so players can at least give it a try. The great thing about the event is that the rewards that it gives out are some of the best that players can get in the game. If players even manage to reach the Top 10 spot during the end of Clash of Zones, they can get hundreds of thousands of experience points for their heroes. Gone are the days when players will need to grind just to max out a level of a specific hero. The Clash of Zones is often regarded as one of the best events to participate in for those who want to speed up the process of leveling up their heroes to 50.

  2. Champions Duel

    For those that have a pretty strong set of heroes already, then it’s recommended that the next step they should take is to participate in the Champions Duel. In this mode, a player’s heroes will be pitted against another set of heroes from another player. The further in the tournament a player reaches, the more rewards they’ll get. It’s fine if they’ll fall into battle after just a couple of matches since players will get a bunch of hero EXP cards as a sort of consolation prize. The great thing about Champions Duel is that it costs nothing--it’s free for everyone! Granted this makes it harder to be the champion of the whole shindig, but it’s a great way for newer players to level up their heroes without having to cough up some sort of currency or ticket just to get in. some

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