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How Gamers Make Money Playing Knockout City

Knockout City is a merciless battle of dodgeball taking place across streets and buildings. It can get intense and fast, demanding players to stay on their toes and think quickly when faced with tough decisions. As a result of the fierce gameplay, some players can get overwhelmed while others kick them down and climb to the top of the rankings. However, sometimes more skilled players start to think of ways to make money playing Knockout City. One of these methods is to provide power leveling services to players who aren’t as good or are just getting started and finding their feet in the game.

The Essence of Knockout City

Knockout City is a competitive dodgeball game where teams called “Crews” will be competing with each other within a time limit to see who scores the most points. Dodgeball has always been a game that’s been played by the kids around the block, but it’s still very much relevant for the adolescent scene as well. The great thing about Knockout City is that everyone starts the same. In other online games, it’s common to have other players have some sort of advantage like being accustomed to the genre. In Knockout City, however, everything’s new and unique. Since everyone is pretty much new to the game, they’ll have to start from the bottom.

Playing sports games in single-player mode can easily make someone feel like a superstar or the best at the game, but it’s a whole different ball game in multiplayer. This is where players can gauge how good (or bad) their skills are. Lovingly crafted by Velan Studios, Knockout City dares to challenge players and put them to a test--but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing for support-oriented players. There are two ways to play Knockout City: aggressive or supportive. Being aggressive means that players must do their best to knock opponents out with the dodgeballs and give them a fistful. This is, of course, a very risky move to do since they’re essentially putting themselves out there to become a viable target. On the other hand, being a supportive player might be boring to look at, but believe it or not, most players start in this manner. Everyone in Knockout City starts out learning how to throw and catch, and what better way to do so than to be in a supportive role? The great thing about Knockout City is that it was built with the folks who aren’t go-getters in mind. Passing is easy to do in the game since it doesn’t require any accuracy; the ball automatically gets passed down to the nearest teammate. Players are rewarded as much for simply passing the ball to another player as they are when actually throwing the ball to an opponent.

Ranking Up in Knockout City

As with any online game, there are ranked online matches that players can choose to take part in if they want to prove that they can walk the walk. Climbing the ranks can be intimidating, especially for those that don’t really have a competitive bone in them; but it definitely gets easier to more they play the game and know what they’re aiming for. Since Knockout City is still pretty much coming to grips with how their competitive matches will go, not a single player has reached the highest rank.

When a player wins a competitive match in Knockout City, they can get League Points. These League Points are of crucial importance. If a player wins a match, then they accumulate the points. The more they have, the higher the chances of getting promoted to a higher rank. Losing a match means that players will lose their League Points, and if that happens all too often, then they might face the possibility of a demotion and lower their overall rank.

Battle Pass Leveling

Knockout City has a Battle Pass players can purchase, allowing them to earn some nifty rewards. These include boosts, Holobux, Style Chips, outfits, and more. Holobux, specifically, is what players want as it is Knockout City’s premium currency (which players can also opt to purchase for real money). Gamers can use the Holobux primarily in the Brawl Shop Item store where they can purchase a variety of items like player card banners, emotes, and many more. For the players that have a Battle Pass, their main goal is to get to the finish line--meaning, the last level of the Battle Pass. There are a hundred levels to unlock in Knockout City’s Battle Pass, so there’s a lot of meat on the bone in terms of what players get. If they get past level 100, the Battle Pass will reach a new tier called “Bronze”. The developers are still tweaking Knockout City at the moment, so there’s a possibility that players can unlock higher tiers of the Battle Pass after passing through a hundred levels.

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