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How Do Gamers Sell a Knockout City Account?

Occasionally, there comes a time when a Knockout City player wants to sell their account. They might have gotten everything they want out of the game after playing it for months on end, or they might have started playing and realized it’s not their kind of game. Whatever their reason is for selling, sites like PlayerAuctions where buyers and sellers can find each other are often their go-to. Sellers will create an offer for their account, laying out a description of the account’s rank, age, and other information to attract potential buyers. Once they find a buyer, all the seller has to do is complete the transaction.

The Ranks of Knockout City

Akin to the online games that gamers have been seeing appearance as of late, Knockout City has a ranked mode for players are looking to quench their competitive thirst. Of course, not everyone has a competitive bone in their body, which is why there’s also a casual mode for those who prefer a more laidback setting of the game. Climbing through the divisions can be tough and it’s not for everyone, but at the very least, the process of doing so gets easier the more they play Knockout City.

Knockout City is free, albeit with certain limitations. Meaning, players will have to cough up some dough if they want to continue playing the game past a certain point. There’s a 10-day free trial for Knockout City (exclusive to Nintendo Switch owners) without having to worry about hitting a paywall. Of course, this only lasts for a while. If they want to increase their rank in Knockout City, then they’ll have to unlock the limited level cap that the game has given to them. In descending order, here are the eight ranks in Knockout City:



Ruby League

The Ruby League is a rank that only the best players can attain. This means that this where the cream of the crop is. Only a few players get to be a part of this rank since it’s the highest rank that they can get. This is the ultimate goal to reach for every player in Knockout City that’s playing the game’s competitive mode.

Emerald League

The Emerald League is the second-highest rank in Knockout City, just next to the Ruby League. While there are a lot more players in this league when compared to the Emerald rank, by no means is it easier to be a part of this rank.

Sapphire League

The third highest rank in Knockout City, the Sapphire League houses players that have considerable skill for the competitive dodgeball game. Most players that are a part of this rank can be regarded as the ones who have the most potential to get to the top of the food chain.

Diamond League

The Diamond League is the mid-tier of all the ranks in Knockout City as it sits smack dab in the middle of all the other rankings. Players of this rank have usually played a lot of matches already. The Diamond League is arguably the most competitive rank out of the ranks as it’s the perfect player to either get promoted or demoted.

Platinum League

The Platinum League has some good players, but not necessarily great. Similar to the Diamond League, the Platinum League is regarded as a rank that sits in the middle of what’s considered to be high and low ranks. 

Gold League

The Gold League has been a topic of debate for many players as to whether it can be considered to be one the higher ranks or not. This is by far the hardest rank to get out of as the Gold League is a hotspot for most of the players in the game. Since the Gold League consists of many players compared to the other ranks, gamers will often find themselves stuck in this rank for a while as it’s the hardest to climb out of.

Silver League

The Silver League is where newcomers of Knockout City begin to find their groove. Granted there’s still room for improvement for these players, the Silver League houses budding gamers who have just started the grasp the basics of Knockout City.

Bronze League

The Bronze League is the lowest rank that a player can get in Knockout City, but it’s not all that bad. After all, this is where all of the players start. Think of it as the starting line in Knockout City’s competitive mode. Most players tend to graduate from this rank after a while, but some remain stuck if they are unable to understand the nuances and the core gameplay of Knockout City.

Playing with Friends

Gamers will be happy to know that Knockout City supports crossplay and cross-progression. This is perfect for those who want to make a Crew with their friends that play on a different platform. A Crew is similar to a clan but with a unique twist, by the way. If players find themselves wanting to play on another platform, they can easily switch to that console and play Knockout City.

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