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In 2023, 25,733 sellers made cash from selling on PlayerAuctions.

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How to Sell Your King of Avalon Account for Real Money?

Letting go of an account is perhaps one of the hardest things to do for a gamer. Considering the number of hours you’ve most likely spent just grinding away on KoA, it’s quite understandable if sentimentality kicks in and you have second thoughts. But just remember this: there’s no better direction to move in than forward. Why keep an account if, for one reason or another, you hardly ever play it anymore? Make money off it instead! There are surely hundreds of other players who are willing to part with some serious cash for your account!

If anyone would understand how tough it is to start off in KoA, it’s veteran players like you. So lend a little helping hand to some fresh blood and make some money for your own by selling your King of Avalon account. With no price ceiling, there’s practically no limit to how much you could earn. Just remember that modestly-priced accounts are more likely to get picked up faster than pricier ones.

King Of Avalon: Sell Account for Real Money

Here’s how you can turn your account into cold, hard cash:

  • Sign up and log in to start selling your account
  • Make an offer so that potential buyers on our site will be privy to your account
  • Once you receive a prompt that someone has purchased your account, it’s time to deliver the account details to the buyer (unless you’ve chosen the automatic delivery method beforehand)
  • The buyer will then check if everything in the account is as advertised and send the payment
  • We will then send you your payment and you can enjoy your cold, hard cash


There are many ways to sell your King of Avalon account. With so many third-party sites, doing so is easy. But what separates PlayerAuctions from the rest is that we prioritize the gamers’ best interest—both seller and buyer! We provide the safest haven for quick player-to-player transactions via a worldwide community of active players just like you. Make an offer today!

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