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Infinity Kingdom is an MMO strategy game where players must fight off gnome invaders and other players from plundering their kingdom. The game sees Lords fighting gnomes in the open field and conquering other cities for their resources. In this game, power and level is everything since it determines whether the players’ cities will flourish or be plundered. Gamers need to level up their Lords and their Immortals to become strong enough to defeat mobs and other players. However, progressing the cities power is easier said than done. There are a lot of processes that players need to go through to reach a decent standing in the game. These ventures can be time-consuming and tedious since gamers will have to do these activities repetitively and efficiently.

This problem about the game being grindy and time-consuming creates an opportunity for players who have time on their hands to help other players progress in the game. Power levelers or boosters can offer their services to other gamers in helping them increase their power by leveling their Lords and their commanders. Boosters are sure to make decent amounts of profit if they are willing to invest their time in this venture.

How to Level Up Lords

Lords are what the game calls its players. Increasing the Lord’s level is important because they make tons of skills available for use. In order to increase the accounts’ power efficiently, power levelers must understand what activities contribute to the experience points of the accounts. Here is the list of things that will increase the Lords’ levels:

  • Upgrading buildings
  • Constructing New Buildings
  • Researching Technology
  • Collecting resources
  • Defeating Gnomes
  • Buying items in the Market
  • Training Troops
  • Summoning Immortals
  • Upgrading the Immortal’s class
  • Completing Well of Time challenges
  • Upgrading Dragon’s level

Most of these ventures, except Summoning Immortals, should be done daily to efficiently level up the accounts. Pilots should make sure that they check the Lords they are boosting regularly in order to make sure that no barracks, research center, or building is idle.

How to Level Up Immortals?

Immortals are very important in the game since they serve as the players’ commanders for their troops. The level of these units determines the troop size, march speed, and power of the army being brought to battle. There are two ways to increase the standing of these commanders. Gamers can either use exp tomes or farm gnomes. For power levelers, they should focus on farming gnomes on the accounts they are boosting since this activity does not require gems. To make gnome farming efficient, pilots should make sure that the accounts they are using have the Experienced and Safe and Sound Lord skills activated.

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