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In 2020, 19,600+ sellers made cash from selling on PlayerAuctions.

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Selling Information

Players that are either done with Legends of Idleon or don’t mind parting with their account are able to find buyers for it online. This results in players deciding to sell a Legends of Idleon account to other gamers.

Why Gamers Sell Legends of Idleon Accounts

The most obvious and biggest reason players sell a Legends of Idleon Account is so that they can earn. After all, it’s only right for players to earn back their hard work in the form of money. At the same time, selling helps buyers cut from the tedious grind process and get to the endgame right away. With this, both the seller and the buyer benefit from the transaction.

How The Price of Idleon Account is Set

Sellers can put any price on their Legends of Idleon Account offer. It is, however, recommended by most traders that they keep it close to the account’s actual price, which depends on its level, amount of gold and gems, and total price of rare items. This way, they can earn a profit without driving away potential buyers.

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