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How Players Make Money Playing Idle Legend

It is understandable why some players still do not have the time despite the game being designed that way. That is where those that sell Idle Legend power leveling services come in. This is because the game requires not just leveling, but also planning, especially in the latter parts of the game where enemies are more powerful. As power levelers, they try to make sure that the team is not only adequately leveled, but is also competitive. This is usually required, as power leveling without fixing the team first can lead to difficulties in the long run.

Last but definitely not least, power levelers also frequently provide Idle Legend Boosting Services for the heroes themselves. While many power levelers will have to do this either way because some stages have a difficulty spike, either power levelers will outright offer to level up a particular hero up to the cap, or that some players will specifically request power levelers to do the same. 

How Idle Legend Power Leveling Services are Priced

The price an Idle Legend Power Leveler sets for his or her services depends on how many levels will be grinded for, whether it is for the account itself or the hero, how many heroes will be leveled up, and how long the process will take. The more levels or heroes and the shorter the time it takes to achieve those levels, the higher the price they can ask for.

At the same time, those availing of their services can ask to have the terms adjusted. They may either ask for more levels or heroes or a faster process for a higher prices, or less levels or heroes or a slower process for a cheaper price. While it is completely up to the power leveler whether he or she will agree with the buyer or not, they will generally consider every offer and weigh up whether it’s worth doing.

What is Idle Legend?

Idle Legend follows a lot of mobile game conventions: a cartoony art style and a fantasy setting, premium currency that can be used to summon heroes at random (gacha), combat that is auto-battle, and a progress map instead of an open-world.

Also, much like other mobile games, Idle Legend has players taking on one mission after another. From them, players gain gold and their heroes gain EXP; both of which are for making heroes more powerful. By following the main story mission, players also gain new heroes. Aside from that, heroes can also be summoned from the tavern at the cost of gems. By gaining new heroes, a party not only becomes more powerful, but also more well-rounded, as certain skills are exclusive to certain heroes.

Through constant battles, heroes gain levels. Like in the usual RPG fare, the higher the hero’s level, the more powerful the team will be. Lastly, heroes have rankings. They are from 1 Star to 6 Stars, and the most powerful heroes jump to 10 Stars. Players can increase the rank of heroes via the Holy Palace in exchange for the necessary materials. By doing this, heroes become more powerful become competitive in the endgame. Although they players can just opt to get new and more powerful heroes, some prefer promoting lower-ranking heroes instead because many of them possess unique abilities that are lacking in heroes that are already powerful right at the get-go. This is how the game incentivizes players to rank up heroes rather than just replace them.

At the same time, however, not all heroes can be ranked up. This mostly applies to heroes from the lowest rankings, as they are limited to that tier. Examples include Scout at 1 Star, Lavine at 2 Stars, and Fire Fist at 3 Stars. Then there are heroes whose progression are limited. Examples of this include Logan, Lamb, which can only rank up from 4 Stars to 5, and Thale and Kristian, which can only go from 4 Stars to 6. Then there are the heroes that can reach up to 10 Stars, like Aidan, Bleecker, Barea, and many others.

The Idle Legend Account itself also levels up as well. The higher the level is, the more features are unlocked. Thankfully, this process has a natural feel to it, provided that the player constantly plays the game. At the same time, however, many players can’t seem to find the time to play. This is despite the fact that the game is designed for players that don’t have the time to play, as the game practically plays itself.

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