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The Price of Idle Legends Account

The price of an Idle Legends accounts depends on the player selling it. Its value, however, depends on the number, rank, and viability of heroes in it, the amount of gold and diamonds, account level, and progress. The higher or better these traits are, the higher the price the account generally ends up being sold at.

When a player decides that they want to sell their Idle Legend account, they’re able to create an offer for any price that they want. However, they normally find themselves trying to find a good balance in price that will attract buyers while also allowing them to feel satisfied with the amount that they sell the account for. When pricing an account, sellers think about the levels, traits, and heroes within it and weigh up how much buyers are willing to pay for them. One way in which sellers do this is by viewing offers posted by other gamers with accounts that are similar to the one they wish to sell. By viewing these, sellers are able to get an idea of how much an account should be sold for.

Why Would a Gamer Sell an Idle Legends Account?

Idle Legends is still in its beta phase as a game, with those that make a lot of progress early in the game’s lifespan having an easy time down the line should they choose to sell the account. Old accounts tend to have a head start on newer accounts, and as a result, tend to attract more buyers.

A gamer might decide to sell their account if they started the game, played a little bit, but then decided it’s not their kind of game. Other times players might put hours upon hours into a game, dedicating days, weeks, and months of their lives to it before deciding to leave the game. Things such as work, school, and other life responsibilities are usually among the most common reason a gamer quits a game. Oftentimes, they do not want to see their work go wasted so decide to sell their account to someone who will use it. Accounts that have been played on for a long time have a better chance of having rarer heroes and higher levels, but sometimes players with newer accounts do get lucky with RNG and score a rare hero.

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