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About Selling Hood: Outlaws & Legends Accounts

Whatever a seller’s reasons for selling their account, there are a few things they should look at so they can set a good price for it. While this kind of game puts more focus on the player’s skills and ability, there are a few things buyers can get from them.

First are the character perks. As players participate in heists, they can use the money they get to customize their characters. The more a player uses a character, the more perks they unlock for that character. That means it’s going to take many games to collect all the good perks. Sellers can sell accounts with more perks at a higher price than those with less.

Second, sellers can sell an account with a high Hideout level. Okay, it may only reward cosmetic skins for the characters, but that also needs quite a bit of grinding to unlock all the skins available. Being able to customize the character can be a selling point to buyers.

More than that, after every successful heist, players need to choose how much to give back. That greatly contributes to the Hideout’s growth, but on the other side, it’ll decrease what the player earns for their character. They have to buy perks to use them, after all. It’s a hard decision to make especially when pressed, as there’s only a short time to make it. Being able to avoid that is a good thing for buyers.

Third, DLCs are tied to the account, so one with the DLCs installed would give the buyer access to the content. The same goes for those with limited-edition versions of the game. Of course, with this kind of account, sellers can set the price higher.

With all that in mind, sellers should have a general idea of how much their account is worth and price it accordingly. The account that brings a seller the most profit also takes the most effort to make.

Where Do Players Sell a Hood: Outlaws & Legends Account

That said, sellers should consider selling on a reliable trading marketplace. It would provide increased security to transactions, access to a big community of traders, and the freedom to price their offers. Sellers should take advantage of them, so they can enjoy a smooth trading experience.

As for possible consequences, please refer to the game’s policies and rules about this kind of trading. If there’s anything unclear in those policies, they can always contact the developers with further questions or read our user agreement.

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