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How to Unlock New Areas in Hokko Life

Throughout one’s playthrough, powerlevelers will need to help players unlock new areas to explore. These areas will have new resources vital for the village and their home. The unlockable areas are hidden behind the village and throughout the mountains. To get to the mountains, players must first build stairs to the second level of the meadow (the starting area of the village).

Here are the following areas in Hokko Life and how to unlock them.


How to Access


To unlock the forest, players will need the bomb recipe to blow up the rocks in the way near the end of the mountain path.


As players enter the mountain, they must turn left and go to the waterfall's edge, where they’ll find the flat bridge blueprint. After crafting the said blueprint, they’ll gain easy access to the pond.


Find the broken pickaxe in front of the mines (at the left end of the mountains, above the stairs). This will start Sally’s quest, where players must repair the pickaxe to enter the mines.

Tropical Island

Wait for Hudley to spawn at the Inn, then speak with them to begin the process of unlocking the island.

City Centre

Players can only unlock the City Centre after a certain amount of progression. Once they’ve reached that milestone, they’ll be able to return to the train station and travel to the City Centre.


Wait for Aubrey to spawn at the Inn (they only spawn after progressing a certain amount in the game). Speak to them and wait for a day for the farm in the mountains to be unlocked.

Help Buyers Maintain Their Resources & Make Money Playing Hokko Life

At the start of the game, players will only have limited resources. Unfortunately, beginners make the mistake of depleting them before they gain access to other areas on the map. They can replant trees and flowers by buying seeds, but other materials, such as rocks, don’t spawn back unless they’re within the mines.

By offering leveling and farming services for Hokko Life, sellers can help the buyers maintain their initial stock of resources. That way, they’ll have an easier time getting to the post-game content of Hokko Life.

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