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How to Get Started On Profitable Hokko Life Item Flipping

For sellers planning to sell furniture to other players, they’ll have to unlock Sally’s Workshop, where they can use the crafting stations tucked inside her workshop. There are three crafting stations in Hokko Life, each used for different purposes.

  • Paint Station
  • Design Station
  • Craft Station

After unlocking Sally’s Workshop, players can only access the Design and Craft Station. If they want to make the Paint Station accessible, they’ll have to do so by completing quests. In these stations, sellers can make different items with the resources they collect in the game. Buyers can then use the different decorations they’ll get from sellers for their house or the other town villagers.

Crafting Lamps is A Must for Sellers

If sellers want to make their life livable for their villagers in Hokko Life, they’ll have to invest in a couple of lamps. Several steps need to be done before they can light up the town. First, sellers must obtain a light bulb by buying the light bulb recipe from Sally. Then, they must buy the light bulb pieces set; note that crafting one light bulb costs two sheets of glass and one steel bar.

To craft the glass needed, players must buy the recipe to craft glass out of sand beforehand. Meanwhile, to get steel bars, they’ll have to unlock the mines to find iron ore—this material can then be smelted into the bars.

Selling Furniture is Easy Money

One of the easiest ways to earn money when playing Hokko Life is by selling crafted items like furniture. Not everything has to look good or be usable. Below are some tricks sellers can do to make easy money while crafting house goods.

  • Once sellers have made their house in Hokko Life, they’ll be able to unlock a location where they can download other people’s furniture designs. By doing so, they can take some inspiration from those designs and implement it in their work.
  • The more sellers add to a piece—like more squares or paint—the more it’ll sell for.
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