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Where to Sell Hattrick Account

For transactions like this, security and safety is a valid concern. Fortunately, sellers can set up shop on online trading platforms. Those can provide a good environment for trading, as they provide security and a reliable trading community. Both of those can lead to increased profits, compared to other sites or selling by themselves.

It is still not without risk, though. They have to be sure to be prepared for any kind of unintended consequence by reading through the game’s policies and terms.

Happy trading and enjoy Hattrick and new riches!

About Training in Hattrick

Training is the basis of how well a player (in this case, the Hattrick player will be called the manager) performs in matches. Recruiting players or youths will require training. Younger players learn faster than older ones, so training a player as soon as they’re scouted would produce the best results. Not to say that older players can’t learn, but it’ll be slower and less efficient.

Youth training works a little differently than senior training. Namely, youth trainees can get Individual Training. However, since it boosts one skill at random, it’s not something to rely on consistently. Youths have skill caps, so if a skill that has been capped was chosen by it, the boost is wasted.

Now, there are schools of thought on the best way to train youths. One school says managers should specialize their youths, while the other has a more balanced, collectivist attitude. There’s no right or wrong way to train them, though of course managers are welcome to try these methods. They should find a method that works for them.

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